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So the posty decided that the wheelie bin was a nice safe place to leave my parcel - on bin collection day! What a dumbo.

My question is: should the retailer be sending me a replacement , or should I be putting in a claim to RM?


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Royal mail, if you've proof they're at fault.

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All i have is the card from rm saying parcel left in wheelie bin, with a smilie face on it! Yeah very happy about that. Surely they are told not to leave things in bins esp bins out on the street


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Retailer. They entered into a contract to provide you with an item, and the contract is not complete simply because they handed it to the Royal Mail.


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So the posty decided that the wheelie bin was a nice safe place to leave my parcel
Our Postman does this on a regular basis, but I like to think they would have the good sense not to if the bin was out for collection, we also get the nice smiley face, I wonder if its part of the training.


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We used to send several thousand parcels a day through RM, each was insured for £28 at the time, we used to send any small item(s) up to £40 in value that way. The cost saving on the courier was over £2 each so they could effectively loose quite a lot of them before it had any commercial impact.

The other good one was with Shitty Link they had a guarantee that every parcel would be delivered next day, they even sent a file back to us at the end of the day with all the results, so we parsed the file & claimed back for every one that wasn't delivered, involved no humans & no cost.


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If you complain to Royal Fail as well it may make them look at “improving” their training.
I complained once after a failed to deliver note was left (I was in postie didn’t knock just left the card), when I went to the sorting office the next day they had sent the parcel to their lost mail division the day before (the day they supposedly tried to deliver it) where it would wait for an employee to open it to ascertain where it had originated from to enable them to return it. I did ask why they couldn’t simply post it to the address on the label but apparently once it’s in the system you can’t get it out, but they are supposed to hold it at the sorting office for a month beforehand.
The outcome of complaining (vigorously) the Royal Fail was a letter of apology a £15 cheque and assurance that the staff would be retrained. The supplier sent out a replacement item via a different courier the next day and emailed 4 weeks later to inform me that the previous parcel had made its way back to them.

If you’re still here, my point is Royal Fail need to be told this is not acceptable behaviour.
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