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Heading off on LeJog in 5 weeks - have so far planned to just use maps to get me from A to B.
However technology is tempting me - should I go for a Bike Sat Nav or something like an iPhone with all the maps built in?? I would have liked to use one of the mapping websites which allow people to monitor your progress - but looks like I'll need an expensive phone an expensive contract - all for 10 days of cycling - not sure if its worth it...

Does anyone have any suggestions? or shall I just stick to the old fashioned way?



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If it were me, I would use both, but not relying one more than the other.

Satnavs can lull you into a false sense of security. TBH if I were in your shoes I would probably use a simple GPS receiver which you can program in some waypoints. You can then combine this with using maps to plot out your route using the best path. By combining both, if the GPS packs up in the middle of nowhere, then you will always have your maps to fall back on.

It worries me the number of people who rely on satnav for their navigation. It should be treated like any other forms of navigation as merely a tool.


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What Matt said. I've also been impressed by OpenMaps an iPhone/iPod touch app which uses open street map/open cycle map - but you need to download the mapping in advance if you are reliant on wifi.


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Just ask people along the way for directions, it's a great way of meeting people, and it's the people you meet who make the LEJOG experience all the more memorable.:smile::smile:

PS, I would take a map for places where there are no people.:smile:


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+1 for maps, they're ace and good fun to read and plan routes with.

GPS - something to get nicked/lost

Who would want to pinch a (wet/crumpled) 1:250000 michelin map of Berkshire?



Maps will show you loads more detail and are a joy to look over with a pint at the end of the day. Reaching the edge of a fold or needing to get out a new map become milestones ( or an excuse to stop )!
if the object of the excercise is just to ride from lands end to john of groats then get a gps programme it with the route then follow the line - tuck a couple of quarter mill in your bags in case it goes wrong

However - if it is going to be a tour then the only answer is maps -nothing better than looking at the map in the morning and deciding "I fancy going there"


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Both. Maps are great for the big picture, GPS is great to route you between the points you've identified on the maps.
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