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Six years for taking a bit of beach home

A French couple who were caught with 40kg (90lb) of Sardinian sand in their car could face up to six years in jail. They say they wanted to take the sand home as a "souvenir" and did not realise they had committed an offence. Sardinia's famed white sand is considered a public good and it is strictly forbidden to remove it from the island.
A bit heavy handed or a deserved punishment? Has anyone here got a little corner of a foreign field in their garden? Any CCers nicked a mountain?

I think it's a good idea to hammer people that do this. Heavy sentences may encouragez les autres to leave the countryside not only how they found it, but where they found it.


I brought a lovely piece of driftwood back from a Greek island in my suitcase once. I probably should not have done. The kid has a few jam jars on "interesting pebbles" and shells she has found.

EDIT 40kg is a lot of sand though.


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Mrs P might pick up two or three interesting sea shells if we're having a walk on a beach somewhere, or a 'discarded' feather to go in the 'nature bowl' at home, but that's about it.


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A member of my family took thousands of ton(ne)s of sand and pebbles from his local beach over several decades***!

*** He was licensed to do so, and sold it to local builders. Eventually, when it started to make a noticeable impact the extraction rights were terminated.


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I bought a square of turf from Wembley at a charity auction. I was just thinking the other day that it is indistinguishable from the rest of the wilderness in the garden.


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I bought home a piece of lava from the volcano in Hawaii last year, a piece from when it erupted in 1973, not when it erupted last year.
Just a few bits of granite from Dartmoor. My wife has some volcanic rock she picked up in Iceland on the World Challenge trip.

Funny enough, when we were walking back down Hound Tour to the car park, a film crew were lugging their equipment up the tour. When I asked it turned out to be the BBCs production company setting up for Sherlock Holmes (Baskerville episode).


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Accra, Ghana
I suspect that if you added up all the bits members have admitted to purloining it might even surpass the the amount of the French couples haul :smile:.
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