Scallops anyone ???


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Can't recall if I have ever eaten real, quality scallops.
Its our 53rd anniversary on Tuesday and we are going to a very nice French restaurant.
One of the starters is scallops.
We have eaten there several times and although tempted I have shied away.
I like fish but not shellfish ie mussels, oysters etc.
What think you ?


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I've only ever had them once with Steak at a French restaurant in Paris.

Not my thing.
I used to get a lot of scallops in my diving days.
Fry a little diced bacon and then add the scallops for a few minutes on each side on a medium/high heat.
We generally just used the muscle but the orange roe can be cooked also if desired.
I have seen them eaten raw when just freshly caught but never tried it myself.
Incidentally go for dived scallops rather then dredged for ecological reasons. The destruction caused by dredging for them is immense.
I should also add avoid fancy sauces which restaurants tend to use and obscure the taste of the scallops.
If they are on any menu when I am eating out I tend to avoid them for this reason.
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If it swam, flew, walked or slithered I never tried it.
The only things I never tried were buckies aka dog whelks having seen them feeding.
Ask if they are dive caught or dredged. Scallop dredging is ploughing up the sea floor. It must be done in a tightly regulated way to avoid damage to the sea floor.
There is no regulated way really to stop the massive damage done by dredging. Everything in the way gets pulled up and killed. I have dived on freshly dredged areas and seen the damage.
Diving is the only way which avoids damage.


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Personally I don’t like them, the texture or taste and the roe is especially unpleasant. I tried again recently in Jersey on a seafood espetada. You might enjoy though, so can only try. Nothing like mussels, oysters or other seafood

Better than sea urchin though which really is utterly disgusting!
Love scallops, lots of recipes. I often do them with garlic and chorizo, served with something like a risotto. They also go nicely with asparagus so you get to really taste them. Another option is to think french and just puta bit of pesto on them with a nice tomato salad. Seafood linguine, Paella…. Fancy restaurants serve them with black pudding but I’m not keen on that. Hungry now! Need to know provenance as others have said.
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I have eaten freshly dived scallops. A handful were collected by my dive buddy on a trip to Oban and they were lovely. As a general rule my mouth loves bottom dwelling seafood, but my stomach tends to disagree.
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