Scott eRide opinions please

If you are a heavy rider, and/or plan on including steep hills and want to minimise the hard work, the only Bosch motor worth your time is the CX performance which has 75Nm torque, and the 2020 model is much improved(*) over previous iterations. Bosch designed out the internal gearing drag that made the motor feel sluggish once the motor cuts out, so pedalling under your own steam feels more like spinning a traditional bottom bracket. You won't find it heavily discounted until next years tech is being marketed. If you don't plan on riding much over 15.5mph, then you might find the older CX performance motor equipped bikes well priced and suitably powerful enough to get you up steep climbs. If are prepared to work a little harder (not much mind) you might find the Active Line Plus equipped bike at a better price, but they have 50Nm torque. The more basic 40Nm Active Line motor seems to me to be aimed at flatter, casual and urban rides, the CX at mountain bikers, performance road ebikes, and heavy touring whereas and the AL+ is the middle ground, probably good enough for commuting that doesn't include big hills.

*I have yet to try it myself, but ask me again next week when I'll finally have taken delivery. :okay:
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Thanks for all the input. Having spent a lot of yesterday trawling the internet for electric kits etc. I've decided to sit tight until I can buy an entire ebike locally (current favourite being the cube touring 500) the main reason being the need for reliability, warranty etc. the bike will be used daily, and to be honest my experience of lighting systems etc, bough online from afar, that appear to be great, until they suddenly stop working puts me off....
but I do like the idea of building my own ebike, maybe one day as a project but not for the bike I rely on daily to get to and from work, in all weathers.
Thanks again, you've all been really helpful.
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Not a bad plan.

A local dealer should be able to give you a test ride.

One Bosch bike is much like another, so a ride on any bike with that motor will give you a good idea if one will be suitable.

Most pushbike riders like the Bosch motor for its natural cycling feel, but it is no moped which means some effort will be required particularly on steeper hills.
if only I didn’t live at the top of a seven mile bloody hill...... :laugh:
Don't rule the bike out because of the lower torque motor.

As a commuter, you must be reasonably fit.

The Scott bike may be enough for you requirements, even if you have to resort to turbo setting for the hill.

With a comparatively short round trip you don't need to worry about battery consumption.
You could do worse than have a squint at the Halfords Crossfuse bike that has a Bosch motor.

The spec is not that clear on the web, but it is one of the latest Active Line motors.

Currently showing at £1,699, but more skilled internet shoppers than me might be able to get a few hundred off that.

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Not that knowledgeable on the full range of these bikes available, but, we’ve bought two Scott Axis eride evo’s and, not sure if it’s any help, but absolutely love them :-)
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