Scott Foil 15, Di2 & AR30 wheelset

Discussion in 'For Sale and Auction' started by middleagecyclist, 10 Jan 2017.

  1. middleagecyclist

    middleagecyclist Call me MAC

    Bought after an RTC wrecked last carbon bike. Not been fit enough to take full advantage and now my neck and back prefer a more upright posture. Ridden approx 200 dry miles. Like new. Medium frame. £2000 foil.jpg
  2. smutchin

    smutchin Cat 6 Racer

    The Red Enclave
    Very nice!

    Note to the photographer: for the full pro effect, the chain should be on the big ring at the front, middle of the block at the back, right hand crank at 3 o'clock, valve s at 6 o'clock, and handlebars straight. Otherwise, good effort!
  3. screenman

    screenman Legendary Member

    You have to admit it is clever how it stands there on it's own. I am glad it is the wrong size for me, a very nice bike.
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  4. smutchin

    smutchin Cat 6 Racer

    The Red Enclave
    The clever bit is the glamorous assistant getting their hands out of the way and the photographer bagging the shot before the bike falls over. ;)
  5. smutchin

    smutchin Cat 6 Racer

    The Red Enclave
    Anyway, sorry for derailing the thread - to get back on topic, very nice bike, I'm sure it won't be long before you find a buyer for it.
  6. Doyleyburger

    Doyleyburger Über Member

    NCE West Wales
    For anyone looking at this bike to buy, those wheels are amazing !!!
    I agree with the 1st comment, for photography purposes always stick it in the big dog:laugh:
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