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At present I have a 4 year old Nikon D90 and I use a Sandisk 20MB/s card.

If I take a pic and the exposure is 10 seconds and under the pic is written Istantly. Anywhere over this and the pictures seem to take longer to write than the time of the exposure has been. If I venture out on a cold night it can be frustrating to take a 5 min exposure, wait 5 mins or more, and then find out that it isn't a keeper....!

Can anyone recommend a super duper fast card please?

Thank you.


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Keep your eye out for the class of card; I think mine is only Class 4 or 5 in the phone but I have a faster Class 10 in the movie camera and with a little shopping around on the internet it wasn't too much more expensive than the slower card. I think my Class 10 card is a samsung but I forgot where I got. PS apparently you get pirate copies which aren't as fast as claimed so be careful when buying.


Try turning off long exposure noise reduction or whatever Nikon call it
i used a Wifi Card for wireless transfer of the images, but soon found that the card spped was limiting. Now they have upgraded to class 10 it is now worthwhile


Try turning off long exposure noise reduction or whatever Nikon call it
This. I have nikons (D700, D4) I have long exposure noise reduction off. I shoot Raw and jpg and it does reduce the processing time to card, you are shooting jpg only though so you may find your images a little noisier than you are used to seeing.


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Like the others have said, a faster card will really help.
I use a SanDisk Extreme 16GB, 60mb/s, SD card in my Nikon D7100 without any problems


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OK this explains why, when I took time exposures, it could take twenty seconds or more for the picture to be processed onto the card. But why? What's the difference between time exposures and daytime shots in the way the data is stored?
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