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  1. Biglad82

    Biglad82 Active Member

    Evening all so got myself Carrera Subway today and When i can breath properly again I'll be using it for work, plenty of dirty looking scrounging smack heads around my place of work so have one of these ATM
    Ok it's heavy and cumbersome bud it'll do the job, now the said bike has QR front and rear wheels, any ideas to help keep them out the hands theifing B@$t@**s...... Cheers mark
  2. I use a D lock for the frame/rear wheel and a Kyptoflex Cable for the front.
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  3. HovR

    HovR Über Member

    As HLaB, I use a Kryptonite D lock on the rear wheel and frame, and a cable lock on the front wheel and frame. You could also replace the QR skewers with security skewers.
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  4. ufkacbln

    ufkacbln Guest

    I use Rohloff gears that I do not wany to lose, so I have Pitlocks on the wheels.

    This is basically a skewer with the QR replaced by a limited edition nut that can only be turned by a "key" that fits it.


    There are cheaper versions
  5. 400bhp

    400bhp Guru

    Is the seat post still QR too?
  6. OP

    Biglad82 Active Member

    Yes but I have the parts of my damaged bike to be able to replace,

    Would cheaper mean worse quality ??
  7. ufkacbln

    ufkacbln Guest


    Pit locks are a system that is high qualty with a series of "keys.

    I have chosen to have a single key for all nmy bikes and trikes, but there is no reason that they should not be different if you are willing to carry a range of keys.

    The alternatives are:

    Trans X, simply has a 5 sided allen key


    Pinhead has it's own key, with two pins, not as easy to tighten as the other two


    MPart have a simple allen key:


    So the idea is the same, just the implementations that are different.

    Pays your money, and make your choice.

    Personally I though that the above were all possibly vulnerable to a suitable implement being forced in and turned... so bought the Pitlock
  8. OP

    Biglad82 Active Member

    The 5sided ones are the ones I have ordered ,
  9. musa

    musa Über Member

    two d locks for me and the kryptonite cable and my bike is at the train station cycle parking where I work
  10. stu1903

    stu1903 Well-Known Member

    I'd use that bad boy to smack those junkies about!
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