Seized pedals

I’m trying to replace my Shimano pedals on my road bike for some new Look ones.
The problem is... they are seized to the crank arm.
I’ve tried using both the 15mm spanner and the allen key part of the nut with no luck, I’ve also drenched both pedals in GT85.
Has anybody had this issue and successfully removed them?


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If you put the crank arm in a vice you'll have more leverage - that's what I ended up doing. In my case the crank arm in the vice and a big hammer onto the spanner.


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OK I had this problem. I had a nice long Allen wrench with a handle. I'm a hefty chap. Off they come! Grrrr. Grrr. I just couldn't shift them..

Took them to the LBS. Mechanic removed them in a jiffy using secret skillz.
Get a kitchen blow torch, heat the cranks up, then try the Allen key again.
I’ve also put the Allen key in the vice, then used the crank as the lever.


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If the pedals have flats for a wrench I'd use that in lieu of an Allen. Heat, penetrating oil and leverage are pretty much the 3 choices. If you don't have a vise, slip a pipe over the crank arm and another over the wrench. Have a friend hold one and you the other. Hen you put new pedals on, grease the threads first.


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Don't forget the none drive side has a reverse thread :okay:
To get round this just remember that both pedals unscrew by turning towards the rear wheel from above.:becool:


If go the vice route, remember to protect your crank against the steel jaws esp with ultralight cranks. I would probably knock up some wooden protection jig.
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Stuck pedals are best dealt with on the bike. That's when you have the best leverage and safest options.
A vice isn't good. Cranks are hardly ever flat or parallel, so putting it in a vice creates just four contact points which are sharp and will damage the crank. Secondly, the vice will have to be very securely mounted to a very heavy and sturdy bench. I've seen mechanics rip vices out of their mounts.

Also, no amount Q20, X50, Z60, or aerospace-grade solvent will loosen a pedal. There's nothing in there to dissolve and these spray-on bolt-looseners don't work. It is always the brute force that does the job.

Then, as been said here, make absolutely certain you understand which direction unscrews which pedal. It is confusing, so make sure.

Invest in this pedal spanner, nothing else.
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