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Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by Braeiach, 11 Jul 2012.

  1. Braeiach

    Braeiach Regular

    I've recently got a new bike via CycleScheme and I'm looking to sell my old mongrel to a friend. He's getting old and his knee's giving him grief, so I'm doing my best to sell the virtues of cycling for keeping trim.

    I'm not quite sure what's a fair price for my old machine, so I'm hoping you kind folk can point me in the right direction. (Apologies if this isn't the right forum, by the way, but I wasn't sure on the best place for it.)

    As mentioned, it's a bit of a mongrel and was built up over time. Here's the spec including approx age. I can post pics if necessary.

    Frame: Ribble Aluminium winter training/Audax. Approx 5 yrs old.
    • Campag chainset. Not sure which range. Though solid and in good condition, this is the oldest part on the bike. Approx 10-15 yrs old I think.
    • Campag Chorus Ergo-Levers. Good condition, approx 6 yrs old
    • Campag Chorus rear deirailleur. Good condition, approx 6 yrs old.
    • Campag Centuar front mech. Good condition, approx 6 yrs old.
    • Campag Veloce brake calipers. Again, good condition, approx 6 yrs old.
    • Campag cassette (9 speed). Not sure which range, but as above, condition is good and is approx 6 yrs old.
    • Chain - not sure at all! A note on the chain and cassette - of course there will be some wear, but I've not had any problems shifting/slipping, so I'm assuming they've got a reasonable amount of life in them yet.
    • Bottom bracket - again, not too sure. I do know that it's a sealed unit though, bought from my LBS.
    Wheels: Campag Vento wheels, with 2 Continental Ultra Gatorskin tyres.
    Other bits:
    • Selle Italia Flite saddle. Approx 4 yrs old.
    • ITM super-like (or similarly names) oversized bars. Apologies if I have the model name wrong (it's under the bar tape), but I can say they weren't excessively expensive. About £20-£30 if I remember right - bought about 6 yrs ago.
    • ITM Forged Lite stem. Again, not an expensive unit, bought about 6 yrs ago.
    • ITM seatpost of similar quality and age to bars and stem.
    • Cane Creak headset. Approx 6yrs old.
    • No pedals, as they're good and new enough to be transferred to my new bike.
    That's about it. I can say that the bike is in good condition - I do look after my kit and tend to be a fair weather cyclist so it hasn't seen winters of heavy use. I also tend to wash it if I get caught in rain anf there's loads of road-muck on it. All in all since most of the parts were replaced around 6 yrs ago, I'd guess I've done somewhere in the region of 3-4k miles on it (other than the tyres which will have less than 1.5k and plenty of tread left).
    I was thinking around the £200 mark...? Am I being unfair to either myself or my friend at that price?
    Thanks in advance
  2. RecordAceFromNew

    RecordAceFromNew Swinging Member

    West London
    £200 sounds reasonable to me.
  3. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    I think I'd be happy to pay that too. The frame and forks alone would cost about £145 new. The cheapest Ribble winter/audax build is £569.95. Have a look at the variations in their bike builder.
  4. biggs682

    biggs682 Smile a mile bike provider

    if both party's are happy then go for it
  5. MrJamie

    MrJamie Oaf on a Bike

    Just a side note re: the chain, it seems chains and cassettes wear together and can be way past the point of needing replacing before having any noticable problems, then when you do replace the chain the cassette can often be worn to the shape of the old chain and need replacing, and same with the cranks if youre unlucky. Definitely work checking chain wear before 3-4k miles imho :smile:

    Another thing that can make the deal a bit better is if youre able to help with setting it up, or fixing any basic maintainence problems that might otherwise cost your friend money if he keeps having to go to an LBS.
  6. OP

    Braeiach Regular

    Thanks for the comments - at least I know we're in the right ball-park.

    Fair point. I've had no issues so far, though I have no doubt they've worn together to the point of they'll probably need replacing together. I don't think the bike will get loads of hammer, so my gut feel is that there's a couple of years left in them yet. If problems do arise however, I'll be on hand to help fix.

    Yes, as part of the deal I'm playing the role of the LBS while helping with mechanical/setup issues. I will remind him of the usual cost of this valuable service! ;)
    Thanks again - help appreciated.
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  7. OP

    Braeiach Regular

    Bike sold for £200. Both parties happy!

    Thanks for the assistance.
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