Senior cyclist seen in Durham today.

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If anyone knows Durham. I cycled down Framwellgate Perth today to go into the city, just as I passed the DCC offices there was an oldish fella on a 'real' bike, you know the type, rod brakes. This road merges from two lanes into one to go under the beautiful viaduct so I sat behind him as it can get a bit hairy at times.
Now this road drops about 170ft in the last 1/3 of a mile with traffic lights at the bottom, so you can get a good speed on, but make sure your brakes are in good nick.
So, we are both gathering speed and at about 150yds from the junction I start to apply my brakes as the lights at the bottom have just changed to red. I observe no hand movements from the old fella, just a foot movement as he planted his right foot on the floor to brake !!! :rolleyes:

1st thought was, how the hell did he manage to stop in time ?

2nd thought was, how the feck did he ever get to be that old ?


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did he throw up sparks from his hobnail boots?


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What? He used his feet? In my day we'd just bail in the the ditch full of broken glass and crocodiles when we wanted to stop.

Yoof o' today, don't know they were born.


i've seen chavs brake on their bmxs by stamping one foot on the back tyre in the same place where the brake should be... :rolleyes:
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