Serial numbers.


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I remember many years ago when i was a jod, my Raleigh Chopper had a serial number, and i can still remember it, do they still put serial numbers on bikes? and if so where will it be on a Claud Butler voyager?

I am new to the forum and this may have been covered before, so i apologise if it has, but is there a thread for putting serial numbers up to help recover stolen bikes, as i bet most will appear for sale on certain internet web and auction sites. I tried to view a Trek in Leeds, but he/she made all the excuses under the sun to stop me, so i didn't bid, it didn't sell either, and i know a Trek is worth more than the opening bid of £100 all day long as it was in good nick on the photos. Just a thought.



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Yes. Bottom bracket shell.


What about carbon frames ?
If the serial number isn't on the BB shell on your carbon bike you'll need to stamp it yourself.

Best way is with some steel numbered stamps and a 7 pound lump hammer, give them a good crack with the hammer though to make sure the number is legible when your done. HTH^_^
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