sex, lies and vigorellis

Discussion in 'Fixed Gear and Single Speed' started by peejay78, 30 Aug 2007.

  1. peejay78

    peejay78 Well-Known Member

    i bought a new bob jackson. it is an amazing machine. however, i told my lady that i merely "swapped the frame from my fuji, it only cost about a £150", in a sort of "i bought some new bar-tape" type way. admittedly, i did use my existing wheels, saddle, bars and brake...but it wasn't £150 to get the rest.

    does that make me a bad person?

  2. zimzum42

    zimzum42 Legendary Member

    Was it a custom build or off the peg?

    Looks good, bit black though.....
  3. zimzum42

    zimzum42 Legendary Member

    I think it would look better with different bars and different bar tape, but that's just me
  4. OP

    peejay78 Well-Known Member

    it's blue - dark blue. you can see it in the light, and it's off the peg.

    i think i may change the bars to deep drop nitto, but not sure, i like the cinelli criteriums and they are light. i can't find the right colour bar tape at the moment. ideally, i want dark blue, but may settle for dark red or even white.
  5. zimzum42

    zimzum42 Legendary Member

    Are you that tall, it looks like it's set up for a tall rider????
  6. Andy Pandy

    Andy Pandy New Member

    Nice bike. I am trying to think of something bad to say about it, just to make myself feel better, but can't.
    Didn't you just buy a condor a year or so ago? I only get a new bike when someone drives over the old one.
  7. TimO

    TimO Veteran

    I'll get my coat. ;)
  8. OP

    peejay78 Well-Known Member

    i did buy condor yes.

    now i have both bikes.
  9. Mr Phoebus

    Mr Phoebus New Member

    Nice bike. ;)

    No, just a little timid. :biggrin:
  10. gkerr4

    gkerr4 New Member

    I wouldn't pay £150 for that frame - I bet it isn't even aluminium - is it pig iron?

  11. domtyler

    domtyler Über Member

    Lovely bike mate. Don't worry about the little white lies to the missus they are an essential lubricant to the smooth flow of most relationships, if we always told the absolute truth about everything they would be finished within days.
  12. OP

    peejay78 Well-Known Member


    i laughed. i think it's this particularly new reynolds ultralight tubing:

    and i think it looks taller than it is. it's a 57", but does come up big, which is just right.

    i'm 6"2

    i just put white bar tape on it, which may, or may not, have been a mistake.
  13. zimzum42

    zimzum42 Legendary Member

    57", that's massive......

    mine is 56cm......
  14. OP

    peejay78 Well-Known Member


    yes, it's very big.

    i bought it from this guy:

  15. turbo tim

    turbo tim New Member

    Peejay, love your Jackson bike, gorgeous. I even phoned Jacksons yesterday with some questions - I want one!

    Sent you a PM. :ohmy:
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