sexist attitudes


Customer " I'm giving you £4 to put them on?" ( them being wiper blades)
Colleague " no, you're giving her £3 to put them on "
Customer " I'm not having some woman messing about with my car"
Me " fine, fit them yourself"
Customer looks confused
Me " that is very rude"
I didn't quite catch all his muttering but he wasn't best pleased and left without the wiper blades.

Apparently I need to learn to rise above it. :cursing:


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Be a love and put the kettle on will you? :smile:


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.....I've edited it :laugh:
Daffodil. :smile:

I've always used the word ,'lady,'

never thought of it as sexist.


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A good few years ago I worked for a large diy chain if we had a customer that was looking for advice that then started to display some sexist tendencies we'd ask them to hang on a minute whilst we went to get our in store expert, Anne knew more than all of us about everything in the shop and was more than happy to run rings around any customers when the situation called for it. We also had a chap working in the store who was 6'5" and built like a brick out house, he was black and was always happy to help the customers that may have made some other types of unsavoury comments. Strangely enough none of the customers repeated themselves when faced with their personal assistants.
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