Shed talk....


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I'm just off out, but I'll slap up poc kf my humble shed over the coming days.


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Over the Hill
Discovered that my shed roof had a leak just as the summer dry weather :sun: was replaced by the current deluge :rain:. Wanting to do a proper job I've tied a plastic tarpaulin over it. It'll be sometime in the spring before there will be a sufficiently long weather window for me to sort it properly. That will of course eat into my Spring :bicycle:


Just passin' through
Nice to see it comes with its own outside convenience too.
I thought that was his sentry box! 💂‍♂️

That'll be nice and cosy, I imagine. Enjoy your hours/days in there.
Just knocked my shed down.Did intend to buy a new shed ,the old one had gone rotten.

Checked if I could reorganise the garage.The area in front of th up and over doors was an area that I could utilise as I don’t park the car in the garage.Can get the car in but can’t get out of the car.

Result freed up an area of wall to hang my gardening tools saving me approximately 400 to 500 pounds less £130 for the skip.

The area where the shed stood was already slabbed .Will now be a bbq patio area.
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