Shimano Sora R3000 double STI shifters (eBay)

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    New Shimano Sora R3000 2x9 shifters for sale. Bought brand new from a seller who took it off their brand new bike. I've bought it with the intention of using it for a commuter build but have switched to Campagnolo instead so these shifters are surplus. No use at all from me, so still brand new.

    Shifters come with all internal and external cabling, as well as some spare Jagwire external housings as shown in the last picture. As far as I can tell, the gear cables are still the original Shimano cables (they are a slight blue-ish grey, which are the same colour as those you'd get if you bought the shifters new from the factory). Shifters are for 9 speed rear and double crankset.

    The new Sora R3000 shifters now have the same shape as 11-speed shifters and Tiagra, so no more washing line cables coming out the side of the shifters - everything is routed underneath the bar tape very neatly and nicely. These shifters also have lever reach adjustment using a 2mm Allen key, so great for those with smaller hands or those that have shorter reaches. I've not put them on a bike, but all clicks of the shifters are there and the lever action is all smooth. Also have a matching Sora R3000 front derailleur for sale.

    Listed on eBay here:

    Due to end on Mon 18/6, and would prefer it to go for at least £70 posted, but feel free to make me offers if there are no bids on the auction and you feel I’ve overpriced :smile:

    Feel free to PM me with any questions, thanks for looking!

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