1. DCLane

    SOLD: Several wheels on eBay - Dewsbury, West Yorks

    With a move to disc brakes by my son we'll have a lot of spare wheels which need to be moved on. This is the start: American Classic 58mm carbon 11 speed wheelset with tyres and cassette - £300 start - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164295001198 Pro-Lite Bracciano A42 Dark Label rear wheel - £60...
  2. DCLane

    SOLD: NeilPryde Nazare size Small with full Ultegra 6800 - on eBay - Dewsbury

    With my son getting (hopefully) a team bike next year I've listed my NeilPryde on eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164291919951 Listed for £700 start, £980 buy now with a retail of £2799 for the bike and upgraded wheels included. Collection only from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. I'm sorry to...
  3. Ludacris

    Buying a bike off eBay

    I’m in a bit of a quandary, mostly self-inflicted. I’m looking at a bike in London and need to get it back up to Scotland but the seller has pick-up only on the listing, as they don’t want to box it for posting, I think because they don’t know how to dismantle. Looking for any ideas on how I...
  4. rogerzilla

    More eBay fun

    This is the 700c track fork that arrived today with my tubular front wheel. Something's wrong...
  5. S

    well I never never seen this before I say

    Hi bike on ebay. Claims to be falcon Eddie merckx. I think it's not it looks like an old bike but overspray on front tyre plus mtb for sale in same colour any ideas
  6. Phaeton

    Ebay Scammer

    When a deal is too good to be true it usually is, presumably a hi-jacked account, reported several but as normal Ebay do square root of bugger all https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/m.html?item=224023067639&hash=item3428d0bbf7%3Ag%3A0xcAAOSwW69ezjze&_ssn=billjhita&_sop=16
  7. Brandane

    A couple of good low end bikes on ebay (Northampton).

    My cousin and his wife have decided to create some space in their shed by selling off their bikes. Usual story; bought many years ago with good intentions but have hardly seen any use. They are low end bikes but somewhere above BSO status.. Knowing my cousin as I do, I can vouch for the fact...
  8. CanucksTraveller

    eBay time wasters

    So this has happened to me a few times and I wonder why people do it. The other day I posted a really nice, 3 months old mint condition child's bike on eBay with a desired price in mind of at least £100, (older, well used ones go for 80-90), reserve was set at £90. Local collection only...
  9. rogerzilla

    "UK" sellers on eBay who aren't

    They know many people don't fancy buying from China because of the shipping time, potential customs charges and the impossibility of returning faulty items, so they just say they're based in London or Manchester and eBay lets them do it. I got a couple of cheap bike bells advertised as suitable...
  10. DCLane

    SOLD: wheels, mudguards and pedals - Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

    All sold via eBay. Having had a shed clear-out and a distinct lack of space I've listed the following: American Classic 420 rear wheel - Shimano 10 speed freehub - £40 start: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164156793077 Boardman SLR Elite Five wheelset - Shimano 11 speed freehub - £60 start...
  11. Rooster1

    Not much on ebay ?

    Would I be right in thinking that due to the Covid situation people are not really posting much stuff on ebay - I am looking for a few specific cyling items and there is nothing. Not an issue at all and completely understandable - just wondering.
  12. N

    Bob Jackson rohloff eBay

    Not mine. A bid will stop offers. I think and then it becomes an auction. This maybe a very good time to buy. Tempting...
  13. N

    eBay Bob Jackson rohloff £500 offers £25 delivery

    Not mine. A bid will stop offers. I think or it becomes an auction. This maybe a very good time to buy. Tempting...
  14. Bad Machine

    Ebay items - reminder - watch out for hijacked accounts

    Sadly, some lowlife is at it again. ICE FULL FAT RECUMBENT TRIKE WITH BAFANG BBSHD 1000W Can always tell - just have a look at the HUGE range of other items this person has for sale !!! (Edited 26/3/20 - using GIF rather than JPG image)
  15. Pedropete

    Friendly (not friendly) sellers on ebay

    Had a fun chat with a seller on ebay this evening. Chap's selling an Extracycle Edgerunner (long-tail) that looked perfect for a mid-drive e-cargo bike conversion. The listing mentioned some issues with the seat tube but on closer inspection it looked like the post has seized at some point in...
  16. N

    2 cannondale Rohloff going cheap on Ebay

    Was tempted to buy the more expensive one as it includes postage. Then resell in the summer. Not a fan of cannondale bad boy although the one I had was Shimano 11 speed. I dont know what the bloke selling the cheaper one is burbling about. Anyway good prices...
  17. DCLane

    SOLD: Carrera Tanneri II cyclocross bike, 20" frame, West Yorks

    This is my son's 'winter' commuter. That he isn't using for commuting because he's racing / training and won't commute on those days. Basically it's done under 200 miles and is exactly as per original spec except for Widget mudguards being fitted. Not used off-road as he only rides the...
  18. EltonFrog

    *ALL SOLD*

    Might be useful to someone. Levers, Calipers, Cassette, Chainset, Derailleurs, http://ebay.us/UBdQDG?cmpnId=5338273189 http://ebay.us/GAfvOl?cmpnId=5338273189 http://ebay.us/7F63Q2?cmpnId=5338273189 http://ebay.us/w1Ag0v?cmpnId=5338273189 http://ebay.us/9JHUma?cmpnId=5338273189...
  19. Rooster1

    EBAY near miss

    You know that time when you bid on something, only to realise you don't want it, don't need it or you made a mistake. I bid on some 2nd hand Road Shoes that had the SPD 2 hole system which I don't use. I didn't read the ad properly. I spent the whole week being the high bidder but was saved by...
  20. Heltor Chasca

    The eBay and Various Other Marketplace Bulldust Machine

    I can’t help think that some sellers on eBay and other marketplace sources (including here) think buyers are stupid. The number of times a product is described as ‘fantastic condition’ or similar when clearly it isn’t nearly anywhere as stated, beggars belief. AND they list it at a daft...
  21. R

    Sold pending collection Brian Rourke Classic Steel Track Bike 24" frame Ebay

    Brian Rourke Classic Steel Track Bike 24" frame, Chromed Rear Triangle.
  22. tincaman

    On eBay, Giant Defy Advanced 1 frameset

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233320699368 Free delivery if purchased here instead.
  23. EltonFrog

    A question about a Gillott Frame on EBay

    Is this priced about right? Would I be able to furnish with modern components or is too old for them? I can’t tell by the photos if it’s a track bike or a road bike. I’d be grateful for any information before I commit. Link
  24. alecstilleyedye

    Found a Bargain? Do Tell.

    Post any bargains you find here. If you consider it a bargain, that's good enough for us. I'll kick off with Aldi's 18th September bike clothing.
  25. J

    Ebay - house move - Hetchins/Somec/Roberts/Serotta/Dura Ace/ Campag etc

    Moving house so need to clear the garage. Lots for sale at (I think) very resonable starting prices. Hetchins bike. Somec, Roberts, Barry Chick, Serotta, Saxon twin tube frames C-record 650 wheels Sugino track cranks Lots of Dura Ace, Campy record, Suntour superbe etc...
  26. woodbutcher

    Ebay small irritating problem

    I sold a relatively small value bike component recently. It was on for sale as a buy now or make me an offer basis. A buyer duly made an offer which l accepted and an invoice which included postage was sent through ebay. That was two days ago and l haven't heard from the buyer and the invoice...
  27. MDA 998

    stolen roubaix on ebay look

    Just seen this on ebay item no. 333098315663 look at the pics if anyone knows this scrote message the seller
  28. Pat "5mph"

    Excellent customer service from Biketart - Ebay shop

    I had ordered a small item 10 days before Christmas, Royal mail second class. The item did not arrive by the 28th, so I dropped them a mail, they sent another one out the same day. Of course I ended up with two of the same item within a week. The shop asked me if I wanted to pop the second item...
  29. HemelChris

    front wheel motor kits on ebay

    Just wondering if anyone's brought or can recommend one of those front wheel motor kits. I've seen them on eBay for about £130 to £200 but have no idea if they are any good or what to look for?
  30. Pedropete

    REDUCED: Lezyne pump, Altura QR seatpost bag, brakes, jacket, light...

    ***PRICES REDUCED*** Loads of pics here: https://goo.gl/photos/JSsoTRa7AQD1y3cK8 Prices include postage to standard UK locations and PayPal fees where applicable. Enquiries via PM please. Lezyne Pressure Drive HP, black - incl. mounting bracket Good condition, nicely made and works very...
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