Selling a Brompton on ebay


To help fund my new bike sadly I had to sell my B. I was astounded by the response I received so much so I thought I would mention it here. I thought it might be popular and that people were paying silly money for them but I have been really surprised. I thought I would stick in a buy it now price which I thought was a bit ambitious but not outrageous. I included the option to make offer. To my amazement it was sold within 15 to 20 minutes of creating the ad and at the buy it now price. Buyer said it was the colour (metallic graphite) he had been searching for and didnt want to mess about and lose it.

Just incredible.


Bromptons tend to keep their value and must still be in short supply as they have been throughout all the lockdowns. I eBayed a well preserved 1995 M3, from when the colours were red and/or black, a couple of weeks ago and was similarly delighted with what it sold for - to the point where you start to worry that Buyer's Remorse will kick in and the buyer pull out, but no - paid immediately and left positive feedback. ^_^

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There's nothing to touch them at what they do. They have a monopoly, and pricing power to match, at both new and used values.

I find it rather surprising that after all these years, nobody else has managed to get close to their strengths without breaching Intellectual Property laws.


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The patent on the fold expired years ago, so they use copyright law instead. If it looks like a Brompton (which it will, if it uses the fold), they'll sue because you are passing it off as a Brompton.

Copyright used to allow lookalikes where form followed function (otherwise there would be no competition for any mechanical device) but either this no longer applies or Brompton have found a way round it.


I sold mine recently on eBay and it did really well, fees were a shock though.


I paid £982 for my Brommie in 2005 an SL3, titanium bits etc (although on original CTW so cost me about 60% of that) . I reckon I'd get my money (£982) back 2nd hand.


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I think the European copyright regs changed fairly recently. You used to be able to buy knock off copies of Eames lounger chairs relatively cheaply but I understand the EU put a stop to that (understandably). I know with fashion items there has to be at least 5 differences between the original item and the knock off. It's perhaps just easier to prove for Brompton than with a Primark anorak or the design on an Aldi cereal box.
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