Shimano XT 11-32 Cassette

Would you expect this to last more than 2000 miles ?

I have just changed the cassette on my CB Dalesman after only 2000 miles. I am also now on my 3rd chain. Sprocket teeth are worn down on the pressure face....... replacement cost at my LBS is £51. Not cheap.

Would you expect this item to last longer ? I don't ride hard, but do weigh 18 stone, and have carried some big luggage. But still ?????

Have replaced it with a SRAM 11-34 and new SRAM chain. Bargain, got both from ChainReaction for less than half the price of my LBS. Hope it lasts longer than the Shimano.


How much does it cost to Oldham?
Personally i'd be happy to get 2000 miles out of a cassette, coming from a fellow big lad. They are pricey these days though.


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I really like the M770 XT cassettes and I always go for 11-32.

I have 3 of them and have yet to wear one out. I'd say 2 of them have done about 3000 miles each and are going strong even with new chains fitted.

I change my chain (XT) often at about 1000 miles, more frequently if it done a lot of muddy miles.

I did break one of the lockrings by getting too excited with a long handled wrench (cost £6 for new one). If you have a good look on the web you can still get m770 cassettes for £36 in 11-32 option.

I'm heavy too at 17 stone - although I'm very tall ;-)
I use a XT 11 -34 cassete which is pretty much the same - the current one and the chain has 5000km on them - cassete is hardly worn - I have not checked the chain (decent SRAM) properly but it feels (when pedaling OK) and looks OK

On my 5th cassete in 35000 km - generally I change the cassete well before it is horrible - in fact most of the time before it is really necessary - so yes I would expect you to get more

Not sure that being big makes much difference - but for the record I am medium - 90kg normally 25-30kg luggage
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