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I have a new part-time job starting in a few months, for which I will need to wear something a little smarter than I do in my current job (currently here in a shirt with poppers for buttons, shorts and trainers) so I need some business shirts.

I prefer a french cuff, or at least one that takes cuff links, and these seem quite hard to get now. I have also been reminded of how annoying it is that shirts are sized by collar. I bought a 16½ last night because that's the size I wore last time I bought a shirt. It fits my neck comfortably - it's a fit I like but it could be smaller I guess. However, it fits my shoulders very well - it could not be smaller there. And then, yeah, there is loads of excess fabric around the waist, and the sleeves are about 3 inches too long. I felt like a kid dressed for painting at nursery.

I'm not some sort of v-shaped model type - but OH says I have broad shoulders for my build, so I suppose I'm T shaped. Straight up and down, with relatively broad shoulders.

I can't afford proper tailored shirts, but I've seen a few of the online tailored shirt places. They seem to range from 'very cheap' - with reviews to match, to 'more than I want to spend on a work shirt' although there are one or two which look like they might be a sweet spot in between. Has anyone used one of the online shirt tailors and do you have any feedback? Other than that, it's High Street - does anyone know of a High Street store whose basic shape of shirt might suit me?



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I'm an 18 neck, and broad across the back and shoulders. To get an ordinary shirt to fit my back I end up with stupid size collars and too much excess material down the gut area. My Dad gets them tailored for me by some place in Jermyn Street, I'll try to find the name. I suspect they're not at the economy end of the scale though.

Edit - Mrs D has just piped up, and she reckons Van Heusen shirts are a good fit in larger sizes, the seem to understand that not all big blokes are Lard-O's. Not too expensive either.
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I've got one smart formal shirt, to go with my one smart formal suit, that is worn at weddings and funerals.
I chucked all the rest out when I retired 5 years ago.
I'm a 17" neck and 42" chest. Managed to get a good fitting shirt from Primark for less than a tenner.;)


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I always wear French cuffs with work shirts. Also prefer the shirts a bit more fitted and with a "city" collar

I get mine from TK Maxx although any of the shops like TM Lewin will have what you need. No need to get hand tailored at all
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