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Hi guys,

i am looking for a pair of cycling shoes to wear on my commute to work and for the occasional ride. I have decided on a pair of shimano mt42 shoes. I am a uk size 8, would an equivalent 8 be suitable or would i have to go size a higher.

I have done some research and am thoroughly confused by what i have read. I know this is a difficult question to answer but any advice would be really welcome. I have tried my local bike shops and cant find anything at a price that i can afford.



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Shimano are noted for being a narrow fit you may have to go up a size or two, the only real way to tell is to try a few pairs on. :whistle:


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Try them on. I've got Specialzed shoes and they are a full size larger than I would normally wear and fit perfectly.


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I tried most brands when looking around for shoes and found that sizes vary between them, so would echo the need to try them on. Shimano, for me, were too narrow (or else too long if I went up a size to compensate). If you can only buy online, thwn check out the returns policy in case they don't fit. I used Cycle Surgery and when mine didn't fit, they let me take them to one of their branches near where I work as they happended to have the next size up that I needed.


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Specialized are definitely sized small: my road shoes are size 13! (Honestly, my feet are really not that big).



Don't forget that your feet get bigger when they get hot. A snug fit in the shop will be too tight after a couple of hours pedalling in the sun.


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You should definitely try for size before you buy - I'm a U.K. size 11, and my Shimano MT22's, which are a perfect fit, are a U.S. 12.3 . . . .

As mentioned before Shimano shoes are very narrow - another reason to spend a while in the cycle shop before you part with your hard earned cash . . .


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I bought a pair of Shimano MO85's, bought a size up, perfect fit
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