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  1. Cathryn

    Cathryn California Correspondant

    I'm still too scared to used cleated shoes, so currently cycle in my Asics trainers. But technically they should be used only for running...and I also don't like wearing my trainers all the time. They're not the chicest things I own. So...I'm looking for some cool shoes to cycle in. Black if possible so they would look okay with jeans or combats or something. Not fussed if they ARE or AREN'T proper cycling shoes but something I can cycle safely in!!

  2. zummerzet_lou

    zummerzet_lou New Member

    Christchurch, UK
    I wear a pair of shimano shoes .. look a little like hiking shoes, or rugged trainer? In brown suede.

    They have a stiff sole and I have added the cleats although you can use them without.

    go on .. try clipless .. it's really not that bad and only came off twice in the first couple of journeys!!

  3. Emu

    Emu New Member

    I currently cycle in Berghaus walking shoes or sometimes my astro trainers. However, I am going to be brave and try clipless. Like you Cathryn I want shoes to go with jeans/combats. I quite like the adidas Minrett, Specialized taho and the Canondale Roam. Just can't make up my mind which ones to get!
  4. chris42

    chris42 New Member

    Deal, Kent
    My wife was the same about clipping in.
    When she was ready we got her a pair of spd compatable shoes and she practiced on the turbo trainer, clipping in and out with the pedals set at the easiest setting. When she felt confident we went out together and now she wouldn't ride without clipping in.
  5. Emu

    Emu New Member

    The rain has kept me on my Brompton most of this summer but I'd like to get back on the rockhopper with new shoes and pedals courtesey of the Wiggle 20% discount this month! And the C+mag review unfortunately didn't help me make up my mind! I like the Adidas and Cannondale because they're my kind of style but I like the Specialized because they might be better for winter weather.
  6. Bigtallfatbloke

    Bigtallfatbloke New Member

    I was scared of clips for a while, but when I got my nike walkable roadshoes and some shimano pedals I was problems at all...erm...yet...touch wood... :?:
  7. dub-no-bass

    dub-no-bass New Member

    I've got winter boots (Shimano MW02) for winter weather. I think you need 'em, really - what's good for summer is terrible for winter, and vice versa. I froze in my first winter, wearing my usual shoes. There wasn't room in them for decent liner socks, and overshoes always slipped and let water in. The winter boots (with merino socks inside) are brilliant - I didn't have a single trip where my feet were cold or wet, last winter.. including a few snow/sleet trips.

    My usual shoes are Nike kato III shoes (women's fit). They're all-black, comfy, go with everything. In fact I quite often wear them as my normal shoes when I'm not on the bike!
    Pic here:

    I've had my pair for 14 months, must have cycled 4,000 miles in them and walked a hell of a lot, and they still look brand new. I've had to replace the cleats recently, though, because those had worn down and had started making the pedals squeak.
  8. Soltydog

    Soltydog Legendary Member

    near Hornsea
    i have a pair of spesh sonomas for my hybrid & they are realy comfy & practical. You can use them without cleats, as they have a complete sole & then when you want to take the plunge into clipless, you can then remove the centre part of the sole for your cleats :?:
  9. OP

    Cathryn California Correspondant

    I love those Nikes!!!! Might get myself some of those. I also saw some Specialized Riatas? last week that I also fancied...there are some great ideas on this thread...thanks!!

    Just back from camping in the rain. Misery.
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