Should i attempt to fix this myself?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by jahlive905, 29 Sep 2015.

  1. jahlive905

    jahlive905 Well-Known Member

    So last week this happened:

    I'm in no major rush to fix it and want to learn more about how to look after my bike anyway. I'm still new to cycling and bikes. I can change an inner, brake pads and the brake cable but that's about it. So my question is, using youtube and internet resources, is it safe for me as a relative newbie to fit a new derailleur in your opinion?
  2. I always like the challange of giving it a go myself, plus I really enjoy finding out more and more about my bike and how she runs.

    Give it a go, you can't make it any worse.

    Not much anyhow.
  3. Simpleton

    Simpleton Guest

    You can however:

    You'll need to order a new gear hanger, I presume the one on the bike has snapped.

    Check the wheel or any damaged spokes where the mech came into contact.

    You'll also need some tools namely a chain tool, pliers, wire cutters, and a 5mm allen key. But a rear mech being changed can be done quite easily. I'd be more worried about the potential damage this one has done going into the wheel like that.
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  4. Smurfy

    Smurfy Naturist Smurf

    It doesn't look like a huge job, but I can't really see from the picture how the frame and mech parted company. Is the dropout snapped?

    Take your time and there will be plenty on here to help.
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  5. Andy_R

    Andy_R Hard of hearing..I said Herd of Herring..oh FFS..

    County Durham
    The bike is now totally fekked and is a potential death trap. I'll take it of your hands for a tenner. :whistle:
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  6. Tim Hall

    Tim Hall Guest

    Looks like a bolt on hanger which has snapped to save the frame. @jahlive905 If you got the bike from Evans there might/should be a spare hanger in the green info book they gave you. Otherwise order a new one from your LBS. You won't necessarily need a chain tool, if the existing one has a quick link in it and isn't damaged.
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  7. PatrickPending

    PatrickPending Guru

    as previously stated new hanger - possibly new mech to0 - if it got bent or damaged, - something similar happened to me - hedge cutting season and a twig ended up in the back wheel and the rear mech was taken in too. I also changed the cassette and chain, rear mech cable and mech (a plate snapped on it!). not too difficult and plenty of facetube videos.
  8. MikeW-71

    MikeW-71 Veteran

    I got a spare hanger for the Defy at Pedalon.

    Why did it do that? I nearly had the same happen to me when the sideplate of the joining link of my chain snapped. I suspect it happened when I forced it to shift under extreme duress on a 20% climb. It ran OK for a while afterwards, then jammed in the mech. Luckilly I was pedalling very easily when it did so, or I'd have ripped the mech off just like that. :ohmy:

    The hanger is dead easy to fit and a mech is not difficult either. Check the wheel carefully for damage though.
  9. What a horrible thing to have happen.
  10. OP

    jahlive905 Well-Known Member

    Off to buy a new rear hanger. Cheers all. :bicycle:
  11. Arjimlad

    Arjimlad Tights of Cydonia

    South Glos
    My son's mech hanger snapped last night after a little bit of twig jammed the chain into a jockey wheel.

    The derailleur/cage/chain etc all look OK so I am hoping that just renewing the mech hanger will sort it out this evening.
  12. lpretro1

    lpretro1 Guest

    Typical occurence when changing down under load....
  13. screenman

    screenman Legendary Member

    Not one mention of needing to align the new one.
  14. Apollonius

    Apollonius Über Member

    Let's not forget the other possibility is that the L screw was out of adjustment and the mech caught the spokes. In that case some careful adjustment will be needed after the new hanger is fitted. Almost certainly necessary whatever.
  15. Dogtrousers

    Dogtrousers Kilometre nibbler

    Putting the transmission back together should be fun and instructive, and you can always take it in to get it checked if you're unsure of your work and have a friendly LBS. However, if the wheel has been damaged (damaged spokes, gone out of true) then I personally would get that looked at by someone versed in wheely mysterious arts.
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