1. R

    Achilles Heel On Diy

    Done loads of Diy over the years, all my own decorating, joinery, electrics (before certification) built sheds, summer houses,etc, laid driveways, patios, fitted kitchens, wardrobes etc but the one that gets me every time is door hinges. Lost count of the times I have fitted them the wrong way...
  2. MrGrumpy

    Falling out of love DIY

    Anyone fall out of love with DIY? Currently paying someone to do our downstairs cloakroom. I used to do all my own projects but find myself time short these days . Think I need a boot up the arse
  3. derrick

    Big diy projects

    After building my man cave. The wife is after something for her. We have a good size loft so that's my next project. She would like it turned into a gym. Work started last week. I have strengthend up the roof before removing the joists which were in the floor joists were delivered...
  4. Levo-Lon

    Bike fork mounts for transportation diy

    When transporting 2 bikes in my small doblo van its a bit tight with 29 ers with the front wheels on. So plan is to make a wheel out fork clamp so they are secured securely. Im thinking 15mm internal pipe dia cut to 110mm and brackets to hold the pipes then fix to wood blocks and then the van...
  5. S

    Review of a Cheap Chinese eBay Conversion Kit

    I did a DIY conversion of my Brompton ( which uses two small bottle batteries rather than one larger one so that it fits on the Brompton without affecting the fold. It then occurred to me that buying two batteries meant I...
  6. MontyVeda

    DIY advice... soldering copper pipes.

    *THIS IS NOT A PLUMBING JOB* I'm planning on making a curtain pole to go in my bay window out of 22mm copper pipe with various pipe fittings of the solder variety: straight coupler, obtuse elbows and end stops. I've got a small blow torch (from Aldi the type that's also a gas soldering iron...

    DIY Cycling/Triking External GoPro Mic From Old iPhone Earbuds

    Thought this might interest a few. Cheap as chips and worked really well!
  8. confusedcyclist

    Brompton DIY full service

    Is there anyone out there does all their own servicing on Brommies? I understand they have a lot of proprietary components and the fold means extra work on hinges etc, but having never had one in front of me, I was wondering how feasible it is to do all the maintenance oneself? I understand the...

    THE HORNET Is Born! ICE QNT Windwrap XT DIY Bracket Install

    OK, this will be my last thread for a while as "The Hornet" (as she's now affectionately known :biggrin:) is complete! Today I received a new Windwrap XT fairing from Icletta and set about fabricating a bracket for it. Actually, I made the bracket a couple of weeks ago for a cheap fairing that I...
  10. mudsticks

    DiY bike trailer

    Someone send me a link to this - it could be an interesting holiday project. If it all goes horribly wrong - you've got some cut kindling at least :smile:
  11. MontyVeda

    DIY electrical advice... bathroom pull switch.

    The pull switch for my bathroom light has been a bit iffy for a number of years. Yesterday it finally went... the light wouldn't turn off. Today i bought a new pull switch from Screwfix, fitted it and... the light still won't turn off. There's another pull switch for the extractor fan, which...
  12. Chris S

    DIY Probate

    I am the executor of a will of someody who is about to die. I had a bad experience with a solicitor when I sold my flat so I am seriously considering carrying out the probate myself. There is only one beneficiary of the will and the only assets are a house and some savings accounts. The only...
  13. Cycleops

    DIY E Bike for £450 & 2WD E Bike.

    Thought this article and video might be of interest to those wanting a cheap e-bike. There's also a video about building a two wheel drive version. Some useful info on batteries, motors and controllers too...
  14. gavroche

    What DIY equipment have you bought lately?

    Just come back from Lidle where my wife sent me to get some Golden Syrup and came back with a cordless jigsaw for £39.99 as well, 20 V lithium-ion battery. Already have 3 jigsaws but all with cord so they may become redundant or just spares.
  15. chriscross1966

    DIY Custom transfers compatible with 2-pack lacquer?

    I'm on the point of needing to get a project Brompton off to the paint shop, I think I've got the colours picked out, but one of the best quotes (and a well regarded place) won't generate transfers themselves, you have to supply them... and they need ot be 2-pack (ie epoxy) lacquer compatible...
  16. Heltor Chasca

    DIY Audax Events for Idiots Made Easy

    The idiot being me. I have a few decent gaps in my calendar where there aren’t any suitable rides that I can enter. So I thought the time has come for me to put together some of my own DIYs. (NB Routes and rides would be of the GPS variety) The only trouble is I can’t get my head around some of...
  17. M

    DIY 2 piece flag pole

    just saved some cash making a flag pole for my trike, cost me nothing as i had some solid aluminium and a top of a carbon fibre carp pole to hand. Now i need to make a flag, i need a hiviz vest without micro holes in to make the flag
  18. Tin Pot

    DIY door rehanging

    My dad would be ashamed of me, were he alive, given I used to hang doors with him for a living but I’ve forgotten the methods and this one has me. Usually it’s just adjustments at the hinge screws shifting a few mil here and there to get it right. I can’t understand which bit is the...
  19. D

    leaky compression joint: to diy or not? (plumbing)

    The pipe to the cold water tap in the downstairs toilet has recently developed a slow leak (one drip every few seconds). How difficult is this going to be to fix myself? I know where the stopcock is, I can take a bike (or a computer) apart and reassemble it correctly, but I have never plumbed...
  20. Tin Pot

    "Leftovers" DIY

    So I've got about 40 bricks, 52 white bathroom tiles and 18 brick-shaped white tiles. I've got a few pieces of pine wood, wood from old furniture and almost unlimited sticks and branches...oh and white, black, pink and blue paint. Any ideas what I could make with them? Something for the...
  21. Drago

    DIY monstrosities and beauties

    I was doing some undercover work for the Rand Corporation Freedom Alliance trying to infiltrate the lefties at The Guardian, trying to identify those with communist leanings (which is all of them) when I came across this little gem of an article...
  22. A

    Insane DIY eBike

    Apologies if repost; some people are just plain mad :) View:
  23. gavroche

    Anyone doing any diy this weekend?

    I will be putting a T&G pine ceiling in my shed to replace the existing plaster board one , tomorrow. Forecast is rain so I doubt I will take the bike out . Don't know about Sunday yet.
  24. BenScoobert

    SOLD DIY electric mountain bike 1000w cyclotricity 26"kit £200

    I am having a clear out of my bikes, I have 3 for sale. Here's 1. Here is my DIY electric bike, I made this as a bit of fun with a mountain bike I was given. You can adjust the settings so it drops to 250w road legal, then put them back to 1000w for proper off road power. It has a thumb...
  25. biggs682

    Diy Auomotive Power train

    so you own a timeless classic car , would you consider this ?
  26. slowmotion

    DIY Steak Tartare

    I've never tried it in my entire life but I couldn't face grilling meat in the tail end of this spell of hot weather. 1) A cheap Lidl fillet steak . A similar type would cost over £100 a kilo in RBKC, but we live on the wrong side of the tracks. 2) onion 3) garlic 4) capers 5) anchovy fillets...
  27. GrumpyGregry

    DIY solution needed - mudguard stay end caps.

    Anyone got any good diy solutions for creating mudguard stay caps?
  28. C


    hi all, as some of you know i bought a Trek bicycle a while ago there is a few questions i would like to raise on here. firstly, how do i know when the chain needs lubing, also when it comes to self maintaining the bike is there anything else i should be doing?? and lastly, i know this...
  29. Dave7

    Easter weekend DIY accidents............unbelievable

    Just listening to this on the radio. Apparently Easter is (one of) the busiest times of the year in A&E One guy mowing the lawn while earing flip flops..........mowed his feet. Another was drilling some timber and in order to get more "purchase" leaned on the wood and drilled towards...
  30. P

    DIY or mechanic??

    I have bought a new groupset (Shimano Tiarga) and want to put it on my bike. The most mechanical experience I have previous to this is indexing and fitting mudguards, so my question is: Should I buy a tool set and do it myself using books/internet/resources or just pay the LBS to do it for me...
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