Should I get a better lock (or just get over myself)?


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Hi all,

I've recently upgraded my bike from an old and inexpensive MTB to a shiny new cyclocross bike (carrera crixus). I know a lot of you have really good bikes, but I'm proud of my 250 quid halfrauds special and am super paranoid that something will happen to it.

I currently use an abus chain as my primary lock- something like this and a cable lock to secure the wheels.
90% of the time, I am content with the level of security they provide- my bike is either in a bike shed, or surrounded by literally dozens of bikes that are more expensive and probably easier to steal- i am amazed by how many people lock their 500+ bike with a cheap, thin cable lock!

However, for occasional more "risky" trips (ie supermarket, high street) where it will be more "exposed" I have avoided using my new bike- which is ridiculous! What's the point of having a bike and not using it. So I have decided that I need to either
1) Stop being daft, once it's got a bit of mud on it no-one will notice your bike, it'll be fine
2) Get a better lock. Anyone have any experiences of "Onguard Brute lk8001"? ( I know you get what you pay for but it's rated gold and frankly I can't afford to spend 60 quid on a bikelock (that's 3 weeks food for a poor student like me!)

I'm also worried that even if my bike is securely locked it will be vandalised, please reassure me that in 1 hour in broad daylight in a relatively public area this is unlikely!


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Locks don't stop opportunist thieves.
But if your bike is locked up better then the one beside it then it gives a thief an easier choice... ie that bike, not yours.

The Onguard D Lock is far better then any chain lock. Just make sure you fill the whole lock with the bike and to what ever you are locking it to.

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Get a new lock dont risk it at all its a horrid feeling when your bike gets nicked mine was a few k's worth but even if it was 50 quid id still be devistated!


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Locks do stop 'opportunist' thieves - it's the professional they don't stop. Any lock can be cut and 95% with croppers [by the time they are cropper proof you are into m/cycle lock territory and the lock A - costs more than the bike and B - weighs more than a weeks shopping and the bike combined].
A couple of tips - let no part of the lock touch the floor, even small croppers will cut a biggish chain/cable if they can be braced on the ground and jumped on. Second use two different locks/types. Yes it's a pain but criminals hate messing about - they want a quick cut, grab, go. What they don't like is the possibility of you appearing and giving them a good kicking.
Think time V risk and you're on the right track.


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A D lock around the frame AND a cable lock around the frame and wheels/wheel means double the trouble for the thief.


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A D lock around the frame AND a cable lock around the frame and wheels/wheel means double the trouble for the thief.
Yeah, I was planning for D lock for rear wheel + frame and cable or chain (obviously the chain is heavier, but it's more portable than the cable which isnt very flexible) that I've already got for front wheel


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I have a personal alarm fitted to all my bikes. If the bike is moved the alarm goes off and it is loud. This is the type I have, they are cheap.

If someone is going to chop the chain it will go off and they wont want to hang around.


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I think I've got both an On Guard lock and a Magnum lock (very similar), and at the cheaper end of the market. I've frequently locked mine up in the city centre and up near the university, two locations that I know bikes go missing from and so far I've been successful. As others say, think about where so not tucked away in a corner out of sight, D lock through frame and back wheel and occasionally I even get the crank in there too as well as the stand. Next to others with weaker locks.


I used the Bike Radar reviews when deciding what locks to get as they do some quite extensive tests on the locks.

I ended up with an Abus Granit x plus and an Abus chain o steel.
I usually only use the d lock as the chain is very heavy, so I only take it out if I know I'm leaving the bike somewhere well dodgy!
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