Should I put a bet on Wiggins and Cav?


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I am thinking of having a cheeky flutter on Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour de France this year and Mark Cavendish to win the green jersey. Do you think they have a chance, or am I suffering an English world cup exit hangover?


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You've got nowt to lose but your stake.


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Depends on the odds imo. And I don't know the odds on offer.

I can't see Brad getting to the podium but his last year's form might mean he has short-ish odds. So possibly giving your money away? Wouldn't rule it out though I'd not have a piece of that action!

Cav? Well, unknown quantity at the moment. It's not gone to plan so far so one can only hope he'll hit form come the time. Again, due to last year's form, I suspect the odds will be short for the green jersey, definitely for stage wins. I reckon he's worth a punt though. He's a possible for green imho.
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