Should i tell.


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Well the question is,should i tell you all,that i have found Adele,i was listening to Skyfall this morning,i thought that song would have suited Shirley Bassey better.
So i went on You Tube and found '21',my word what an album,so it is going onto my i pod.Not bad for a grumpy 62 year old.
Listen to Rolling in the deep,wow.:becool::music:


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Stumbled into her (as it were) on Jools a while back. The girl has a fine pair o' lungs on her.

jonny jeez

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I was originally never a fan and was uninspired by her sound, look and the videos that portrayed her as something of a depressing urban wailer.

But soon after seeing her live at the Albert hall and then listening to her loose herself in "set fire to the rain"...I'm ashamed I dismissed her so early.


Very classy lady, I think she will be around for a long long time, way past the average crop of 'talent' being farmed at the moment. The op mentioned Shirley Bassey, I think in 25/30 years time Adele will still be on the scene just like Shirley is now...


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You are dead to me...

na only kidding, the lass has talent, i'm just not huge on her music. or the look on her face whilst singing that says "sod i want to be in the pub"


The first time I heard it, Skyfall so reminded me of a Bassey style Bond belter. Since then I've also discovered that it works really well in a pub singer voice.
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