Should We Change The Shirt.


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I hope Will does not mind.But would you please sound off on this page.Yes or no to a re order with the proper spelling.At the companies cost.The shirt itself is awesome you will like .I am going to ring Monday.They should still have all your sizes.
Reorder please.

John the Monkey

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I think as the typo was pointed out to them, Endura should reprint the shirts - I'd be interested to see what the response from them is.

If it simply can't be done, I'll take the shirt as is.


C'mon, someone tell me! ;)

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Cyclo Chat?
Cyclo Cat?
Ciclo Chat?
Ciclo Cat?

Cyde Chat? It's Cyde Chat isn't it?

Twenty Inch

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What typo?

Why hasn't anyone put a proper message up? Why do I have to infer that something is wrong?

Anyway, re-order, if the company can do it.

Yes, I've just found the other thread too, sorry.

Definitely, a re-order at their cost. That's pretty bad.


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Ok. everyone my shirt is going back today.I will telephone on Monday with the evidence that enough of us require them redoing.I will then contact Will to tell him what Endura want us to do with the shirts.To make it easy for us .I suggest they all go back.
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