Should we stop furious cyclists?


I wonder if it was this chap who caused the fuss.
4332480018_1b82590669_h.jpg"Cycling" 1891.E Dangerfield by rebalrid, on Flickr
Ming the Merciless

Ming the Merciless

There is no mercy
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I wonder if it was this chap who caused the fuss.
View attachment 605329"Cycling" 1891.E Dangerfield by rebalrid, on Flickr
I am looking at that and thinking what a super adjustable way of raising or lowering the handlebars. Real innovation must have been rife back then.

Notice also drive train shown as on the left side of bike.
Zoinks, jinkies, and jeepers, the one complaining about cyclists was called Audi.
Sodding Audis, they've been at it from day 1.

And the last one talking about lassoing and shooting cyclists is signed "cyclist". No doubt he's the original Keen Cyclist

Also, I quite fancy the title "wheelman".


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Edmund Dangerfield. They don't make names like that anymore.

Amazing how familiar the BSO is, 130 years on. Compare cars, planes, cameras, anything really...

One of those rare instances where we got it right first time.
Sounds like a character from Blackadder goes cycling
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The respondents to the Audi driveler seem an eloquent and amusing lot, does this still hold true today? I hope so, though my own responses to bad driving/riding tend toward abrupt rather than eloquent.
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