Show us your tandem


Basildon Essex
I searched but could not find a show us your tandem so I thought I would start one,
This is a 1995 Pashley Prestige I bought yesterday for relative peanuts. The previous owner hardly used it in 25 years, I used a chain checker on both chains only 25% wear, the rims hardly marked at all. I like the fact it has not got Canti brakes. Instead it has Magura Hydraulic rim brakes which is a new one on me, they are excellent.
The bad is that he hung it from the garage roof by ropes and the water trickled down the ropes and rusted the top of the frame quite badly. He then just hand painted the top parts of the frame with hammerite , it stopped the rust but looks really rough. Neither my partner or I have ever rode a tandem so we are expecting a learning curve. We have to wait a while as my partner had a SCAD heart attack 3 weeks ago so will be a few weeks before she can give it a go. I will wait to see if we get on with it before I decide whether to strip and re-paint the frame.


I've posted this one before, with my eldest from a few years ago ....

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