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Saw them in Manchester last night , really like their stuff up to and including New Gold Dream. After that well nuff said .

I was however pleasantly surprised .

Acoustic version of the American was superb.

The ginger/red haired backing singer looked well mucky and reminded of Poison Ivy :tongue:


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I'd forgotten about them.


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really like their stuff up to and including New Gold Dream. After that well nuff said
It all went tits up when Forbes left/got kicked out :sad:, this was probably due to Derek Forbes upstaging Jim Kerr`s best mate Charlie Burchill. Forbes is in my opinion the greatest bass player of all time.


For the uninitiated - listen to the Sons and Fascination/Sister Feelings Call albums, you wont be disappointed :music:


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Funny you should post that. Chatting with a customer this morning, she is off to see Simple Minds as the UEA very soon. I had no idea that they were playing and they are sold out now. Heigh ho.


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Being a visual type of person... I got in to Simple Minds because of their font


...but apart from the classic 80s anthem Alive and Kicking... i soon got shut of the rest of my collection.

It's nice that people are still loyal enough to contribute to their pension fund though


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After S&F and SFC albums, if the electronics does it for you, go to Empires and Dance, it rivals Kraftwerk in places. If the stadium rock does it then Waterfront or Catwalk are hard to beat. First saw them in '81 at Cardiff Top Rank, they were good but the crowd didn't get them and the gig was flat. 10 years later at MK Bowl was a different story.
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