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Well i have just realised that the last few rides i have been on i haven't been
singing :wahhey:
Usually i'm blasting out get your motor running,moving down the highway....
BORN TO BE WILD........but that quickly uses up energy and i'm out of breath quickly.
But my last 2 rides i never sang,not intentionally it just happened.Maybe thats why i knocked a bit of time off my ride.
Does anyone else sing whilst riding or am i the only fruit 'n' nut case.


Here for rides.
I sing whilst riding on most commutes. (but then I pray on most too - sometimes the two activities are combined)


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South Shropshire
Sing, whistle, talk to myself (or daughter if I have the trailer on), talk to inanimate objects like lamposts and drains, sing about aforementioned lamposts and drains, wave at ... You get the idea. :wacko:


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Warrington, UK
Scared a family the other day whilst i was singing at the top of my lungs. looked over into their car (windows open) whilst stopped at a roundabout, and as i looked at them they simply got my gurning face shouting "MASTER! MASTER!"
still sang master of puppets all the way in.
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