Slippy out there....

Hope everyone got home okay if your evening commute was anything like mine. Slippy on the roads after a downpour after so much sun!

Hill climbing with back wheel spinning as if it were off-road, and a hairy foot-down moment on a RAB, and that was on the tourer (I knew I had the spuds looser on that for a reason!). Glad I had to pick up a parcel this morning so needed the panniers otherwise I'd have taken the road bike.

Of course, now I'm showered, changed, and bike-wear is on a rinse in the machine the sky is blue and its a lovely evening!


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South Manchester
Rain has just arrived in Mcr.

Roads are slippy after a dry spell.
We'e had some heavy rain, and thunder and lightening here. :ohmy:

Luckily I got home before it. Just a shame there was a killer of a headwind all the way home. Ouch! :wacko:


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Have managed to dodge the rain quite well this week,just had a really heavy downpour which only lasted a few minutes,wonder if I can go all week and stay dry? No I doubt it too :tongue:


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missed all the rain this week, here in swansea, but had 2 punctures in 2 days due to the rain washing all the crap near the kerb line( no punctures in 620 miles then this happens).
the wind was hard tonight though!!


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Took the long way home and did get caught in a downpour but sun came out again and was practically dry by the time I got home.

What was scary was moving left a bit as some plonker was trying to overtake round a blind right bend and realising I was heading straight towards an inch deep patch of mini gravel by the road edge. Managed to flick the bike upright and front wheel slid a bit but I didn't go down.

I should have held my line really but it was a concious decision to go left and saw the gravel late due to the rain streaming down.

Oh well, at least I know it's there for next time I take the long way home.
How apt!

Winamp is playing my entire collection shuffled randomly, I open this topic and by chance the track that starts is

Underworld - Born Slippy! :laugh:

(edit...though I am drinking red wine, not lager lager lager lager...)

Alan Whicker

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I was *this* close to ending up in the drink on the canal towpath at Bow. Ironic 'cos I was avoiding a puddle. My slicks were all over the place


I was sitting in the pub when it was doing its thunder'n'lightning thing. The sky had cleared and the roads had dried by the time I got riding but it's the first time I've needed lights for a commute since mid-February.

Although that could be because I've only worked for about 3 weeks since mid-February.

Anyway, the bastid wind was up this evening. Whilst I was grateful for it blowing the wet away, I wasn't feeling so happy riding home straight into it, it added 10% to my journey time. :sad:



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South Manchester
I don't mind a torrential down pour, I have the kit...what I don't like is the weather not making it's mind up........ I like riding in rivers !!!! :rolleyes:


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I was having a chat with another cyclist on the way home today. We'd taken the opposite approaches; I was in dry weather gear praying it wouldn't rain too hard and he was in waterproofs hoping the rain would come as he was heating up. It would be nice if the weather could make it's mind up!

Btw I got it right, rained 10 mins after I got home :biggrin:
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