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Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by gom, 8 Feb 2018.

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    I so wish I had returned to cycling earlier; I cycled everywhere as a kid and a young adult but then got into motorbikes, which are terrible for fitness because you can park so close to your destination. It wasn't until I came back from working in France and settled down in Lancashire at the age of 32 that I discovered mountain biking and it wasn't until I grew tired of that at the age of 53 and discovered the cleaner, more subtle joys of road cycling that I got properly fit. Now aged 61 I've done a hilly windy 10 mile TT in 29.20, which I reckon ain't bad on a standard non-aero bike.
  2. Yes, but kids are all about converting sugar into energy.
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    I don’t know when exactly but in the 90s i acquired one of those cycling computers.
    I remember averaging 6 mph or so.
    These days I seem to average 11 mph ish
    I’m only 62 imagine how fast I’ll be when I’m an hundred !
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  4. I thought for a moment you were in your 90's .
  5. fatjel

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    West Wales
    Feels that way some days
  6. It is hard to tell if I have slowed down that much. As they say "with age comes knowledge ". I find that my bikes are maintained better than they were when I was younger. It used to be jump on the bike and off I would go. Brakes rubbing , tyres a bit flat and wheels out of true, which would all help to slow me down.
    Now my bikes are maintained better and are easier to ride but other things have altered. Yes I have aged and I'm over 60 and I am on a few tablets but the road conditions have deteriorated so much that a similar distance has now increased over the years due to avoiding pot holes and rough areas. Rolling resistance has also increased due to the way that road surfaces are just treated with wet tar and loose chippings. It is amazing how fast you can go on a lovely smooth tarmac surface.
    I may not have the stamina that I had when I was younger, but I was never any good at long distances. I find that my mind is too busy finding interesting things to look at . I ' m too busy looking over hedgerows looking at strange features in the landscape, stopping to look at the wildlife, or turning round in the road and going back to look at something that had fallen off a vehicle and ended up in the gutter.
    So as far as I can tell I can still average about 10 to 12 mph. Which would include a couple of stops to get my breath back, which I would still have done in the 90's.
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    Hah! I took up Audax last year (mid forties), so if it is any consolation, I’m getting my butt kicked consistently by the village elders on a monthly basis. Many of them are much older than you. I’m fairly certain you would spit me out too.

    Keep enjoying yourself as much as you do.
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    At 58 and 3.1/2 years back riding after a 10 year break i'm aiming for 50 mile rides, (when it warms up and is not so wet) currently 30~ish miles is enough with no discomfort afterwards, so....perhaps, inspired by some replies on here i'll be riding even further than 50 miles...(8 hours seems 'hard core' to me).....:notworthy:
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    I'm approaching 65 but looking back at my strava times from 5 years ago my average speed hasn't altered much.Average on a flat route is 16mph+. Hillier routes(yes we do have hills in essex :whistle:)is 15-15.5.
    Retiring in june so i'm hoping my annual milage should increase.
  10. Most people you’ll encounter on the public roads, on a ride, in this country, are leisure cyclists. Some are massively deluded, about their capabilities, some are chasing ‘Strava’ things, occasionally, you’ll happen across a pro. It’s easy to tell who they are, as they generally don’t ride like total knobs. Yet more ( the vast majority, IME) don’t give a monkey’s about ‘Strava’ things, smashing stuff, and “BEING THE BALL, YEAH”. That’s the fun thing about cycling, it’s different things to different people. As long as you’re getting out there and riding, who really cares about all that other stuff?:thumbsup:
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    If you want to get back to your old average speed then you will need to work on your fitness. This will mean harder effforts. We often fall into the trap of doing long steady distance. Nothing wrong with that but your speed will drop.
  12. Yeahbut who cares?
  13. Really though. Who G.A.F.F? Personally, I set an amount of time aside, to do a particular ride, based on Route reccys, and experience of the route. If it takes a bit longer than I’d bargained for, meh, DILLIGAF? No I don’t. If anyone wants to get sniffy about it, they can pack it up, stick a stamp on it, and send it to last week, when I might have cared. Life’s too short.:laugh:
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    When i get old i'll slow down, am only 66 so have a few years to go.:okay:
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