Smart direct drive turbo trainer

Discussion in 'Virtual Training: Bkool, Zwift, CycleOps & others' started by nickg, 5 Jan 2018.

  1. OP

    nickg Senior Member

    Colchester, Essex
    So with the trainer Ive pictured is that speed sensor it comes with?
  2. Crook Town AFC

    Crook Town AFC Dave Wade on BRVR

    Looks like it.
    Take a look at this link:

    At the bottom of the page it says "Please note that the Smart Sensor shown in the image comes pre installed in the trainer. Please refer to the instructions included to set up the trainer and the sensor."

    Have a read of the reviews as well as one of the reviewers explains the "feel" of the trainer with Zwift.


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  3. OP

    nickg Senior Member

    Colchester, Essex
    Well got my cassette today. Installed on to the trainer and attached the bike.

    Do you think I could get it to connect with Zwift??? No I could not. So pack it away as had to go to work and hopefully try again tomorrow.

    Trying to use iPhone as a link to windows pc. And using Bluetooth connection.

    If anybody has any tips then it would be greatfully received.
  4. Chris Doyle

    Chris Doyle I’m just that somewhere in between....

    I have the elite Turbo Muin smart b+ trainer, it was on offer last month at halfrauds for £290. Bought a cassette and QR skewer so in all about £340.

    As already pointed out this is not a “smart” trainer in essence, (that’s the REAL Turbo Muin with resistance controlled by zwift) but rather a turbo trainer with a speed and cadence sensor built in it which, ironically, you have to set up on zwift as a power source! It connects via ANT+ or BLE. However, the power readings are woefully inaccurate at higher cadences. I have proven this by buying a real power meter since.

    But it is a great bit of kit and so quiet. The resistance levels are more than adequate too so I just use my gears and I can rarely get into the large chainring!

    I guess it depends on what you want out of a trainer really but zwift will work with almost any
    trainer with a speed and cadence sensor.
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  5. Chris Doyle

    Chris Doyle I’m just that somewhere in between....

    Daft question but have you taken out the sensor and pressed the button inside? If not, or you don’t know where it is then this may solve your problem.....there are 2 or 3 screws on a cover near the back on the right that houses the sensor. Take these out and the sensor will come out. Slide up the cover to the misuro b+ sensor and there is a tiny button and LED inside. Press the button and the LED will blink 12 times after which it will communicate with your device. Make sure it all goes back in the same way it came out!
  6. Milzy

    Milzy Veteran

    Hi. Can I use my smart tv to display Zwift wireless or would I have to connect to a pc and use an hdmi lead to TV??
  7. CXRAndy

    CXRAndy Veteran

    I use pc with hdmi lead to TV. if you're talking about mirroring from tablet I'm not sure
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  8. JuhaL

    JuhaL Über Member

    If you have a iPhone and older appletv then yes you can, with airplay.
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