So, I'm still taking January off.... I missing much?

The weather thus far has not been inviting - windy, windy and wet, wet. I don't mind wet on the way home but on the way in its a practical nightmare leaving me with a pile of wet gear in the office and no way of drying it or keeping it somewhere its miniging smelly wetness won't offend my colleagues.

While I have felt the odd tinge of guilt, the tube has been a snug and cosy place to be in the morning.
The tube?


Was your mouth out stu.:biggrin:

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Not been so bad up here - managed 3 days this week (although yesterday's ride home was miserable - the rain was heavy and damnably cold - I think a better waterproof than my £20 seconds one is in order).


getting on fine and doing some good times

decent top and the short sleeve underneath on coat hangers on the coat racks, tights hung over a piece of board in the corner (they never get very wet

the only things that do need drying after rain are socks and gloves and shoes and they can go on a discreet radiator

you let rain get you down and it all goes tits up
I'll never take January off.:biggrin:


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Stu get the bike out. These are the miles that make the most difference! Well, that's what I tell myself anyway.

After 1/2 a mile in it, you wont care about the weather and you'll be feeling smug and virtuous compared with the tube sardines.


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I'm with the man up above.... get the 'orrible stuff done, the spring and summer is great....... now is the time we all put weight on anyway, and I ain't putting 2 stone back on since I got back to commuting on a bike in August.

Only pause the riding if it gets Icy..... falling off in front of a car isn't funny........


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Wild weather change!

What a WILD change in weather we had, today! I rode to work this morning in my shirsleeves...14C. At noon, it was 21C. At 1300, it hit 23C. Then, a ferocious wind kicked up! Must have dropped 10 degrees in ONE MINUTE! Never saw anything like it, before! I rode home, bundled up, but fortunately, I had a GREAT tailwind all the way! When I arrived home from work at 1600, it was -2C, and snowing hard! I was covered in snow, but, fortunately, the ground was still too warm for the snow to stick on the tarmac. As I write this, at 2000, the temp is -8C! From 23C to -8C from afternoon to evening! Wind gusting to 45mph. I lost a few shingles from my roof. Hope to get up there to replace them after work, tomorrow. I sure hope the wind dies down!



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I've just started riding and all my journey's are in SW London. It's been fine for me. Mind you that south westerly can be a bugger.
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