So so nearly there..

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Crikey, ive been rebuilding a 531 framed Raleigh for 2 months now....not continuously, but just here and there. Its so nearly done and now i got to leave it for another week.
Got the final few bits today, bartape, gear cable, etc etc...only to find the other cable i already had is too short about 30mm :biggrin:

Rode it up and down the certainly seems smooth. Brakes are cr@p but i'll play with them later. Rear deraileurs work well, cant set the front till i got another cable.

I'll post some pics soon, once i've got it all sorted. But nearly £200 for the rebuild :biggrin::ohmy:...i didnt think it'd cost that much :sad:...and theres still some old bits i'd rather replace IF i could be bothered, IF it were REALLY necessary, and IF i could justify it endlessly to SWMBO :biggrin:

Anyone else caught out with just how much it costs ???
Anyone else f@rting about doing a job for weeks on end ??


G' theirs nowt like putting that bike together and knowing everyinsandout !



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the trick is to buy different bits over many months from different places, and you'll not be able to add it up;).

indeed start buying bits now that you like the look of, then think what bike you'll build with them later:biggrin:
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