So, you've just won £148m...


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Im not sure they had any choice in the matter. I think if it was me my head be so scrambled I'd not really care! Obscene amount of money, but wow the stuff you could do with it.


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I think the theory is that you will be 'outed' eventually anyway by the tabloids so you may as well get it over with. Nice problem to have!
Exactly this, the gutter tabloids would offer a sum of cash to find the winner. The sudden resignation from your job, for sale sign outside the modest semi and the shiny red Ferrari on the drive just may raise suspicion !!

As already said would I care ? would I F***

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If I had a big lottery win I would keep very, very quiet about it for a long time.

If I wanted to share some of it then I would wait until there was a much smaller win and then tell friends and family that I only got a small amount and was sharing it with them.
I'd then set up long term trust funds, anonymously, to look after them and their kids later on in life.

I might start up an 'apparently successful' business to 'justify' having a bit more visible disposable income and to give me something to do.

I might just 'disappear' myself.


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I'm pretty sure that £148 million would be no good at all for my physical or mental health.
I'd be more than happy to try it and find out though ^_^


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Whilst I wouldn't want all the stress and hassle that went with that sort of money it can be fun thinking of where you could donate large chunks to....
I think the theory is that you will be 'outed' eventually anyway by the tabloids so you may as well get it over with. Nice problem to have!
+2. I can't imagine anyone choosing to go public, so I can only surmise, (sadly), that going public is deemed to the best course of action, (for whatever reason) in the long run by those who know.

I've always maintained I'd stay anonymous, but until I have that conversation with Camelot whilst collecting my humongous cheque I, like everyone else, will never actually know what will happen.

Feckin' love to find out though :hyper:


Having had an idle conversation with a couple of guys at work today we decided that to party and do fun stuff for a few months would be great. After that though you would need to find a focus to keep you grounded and give you a reason to get up - something like a business venture or a commitment of time to a good cause - otherwise you risk falling into a spiral of excess and messing it all up.

I'd like to give it a go, however, I've never bought a lottery ticket so I don't think there's much chance.
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