So, you've just won £148m...

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But there's plenty for all of us....and MDB is known for his generosity :whistle:
He doesn't know me so I won't be getting anything. No reason for him to offer.


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If I won the thick end of 150 mil, tabloid attention would be the least of my concerns!

I think I'd just take the publicity hit, be me usual boring self, and wait for the interest to quickly die out again. There cant be much press milage in "Two years on; millionaire has bought slightly better car, house, had a holiday and is now pottering around spending his days cycling and doing not a lot".

And as for hangers on and surfacers; dance for a grand broke boy.
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Another thing is that currently, I am so disconnected from a lot of people that if I were to disappear, then I doubt most would notice for a while anyway. I could make a safe getaway and lie low for a while with only my close family knowing anything about it. Even then I'd probably lie as to exactly where I was! :becool:

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I've always maintained I'd stay anonymous, but until I have that conversation with Camelot whilst collecting my humongous cheque I, like everyone else, will never actually know what will happen.
you would need to find a focus to keep you grounded and give you a reason to get up - something like a business venture or a commitment of time to a good cause - otherwise you risk falling into a spiral of excess and messing it all up.
And this^^^

I would still like to get my hands dirty and do a hard days work. I drove a van as an owner/driver for 13 years and enjoyed it enormously. Being able to do it without the pressure of earning a living would probably be high up the list of possibilities?

I might start up an 'apparently successful' business to 'justify' having a bit more visible disposable income.
Isn't this what drug dealers have to do? :laugh:



My ambitions with a large euro lottery win stretch as far as a 10 acre small holding for us to live on and run and there are 3 local small business where the proprietors are past retirement age but can't afford to sell up and retire ..... I'd buy 'em out but keep them on as part time directors until they were really well and truly ready to retire and hand over the riens. I also have plans to extend my own business' product range, but would reduce my involvement to R&D and pre-production protoype tester only...... now that would be loads of fun.

Mad Doug Biker

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I'd help a few transport preservation groups, not just restoring certain trains etc, but there are some planes I'd like to help out with like the Tridents preserved or otherwise (there is still a complete one, G-AWZS used for *pretend* fire training that I'd happily buy on the spot for example. One or two VC10s would be nice too!) and also one or two boats, not to mention anything else which tickled my fancy.

With all that money, you could probably build suitable facilities for restoring and displaying them all! Get them under cover et al!


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It's an obscene amount of money for one family and no doubt overwhelming for them.Why not make 148 families millionaires instead of giving all the money to one family.
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