SOLD: 1938 Hercules men's three speed


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Well it looks like the time has come to part with my 1938 Hercules men's three speed, I just don't seem to have the time to fully do this one like I would like to.

So it's smaller projects for me for a bit.

Anyway about the bike, I have dated the frame back to 1938, I am guessing this one may have been assembled during the war when parts may have been harder to get hold of as it has a Rambler chainset fitted.

I purchased it from the previous owners grandson, the previous owner had owned it from new and rode it until he died at the age of 95 in 1979, since the it was stored.

After putting air in the tyres after purchasing the bike, I have road 3-4 miles on this 76 year old Hercules and can confirm that the gears and rod brakes work.

This could be used as is or restored to its former glory.

My reason for selling is that I would rather this be used or restored instead of just sitting in the back of my shed.

Open to sensible offers.

Geoff Crowther

"... travel far, not fast", Ted Simon
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