SOLD 1980s Falcon

Discussion in 'Classic and Vintage Classifieds' started by User42423, 23 Feb 2016.

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    Up for reluctant, but necessary sale here, is my old faithful Falcon touring bike. I've owned this bike for many years, & cycled many miles. I bought it from a family friend. He'd only ridden it 10 miles, then put it in garage till I bought it!!.

    The frame size is 23 inch, wheels are 27 inch, & gearing is 5 speed. Since in my ownership, I've replaced the bars (uprights), & fitted a stem control.

    It will need pedals, & a service before it can be ridden. THE RACK WILL BE REMOVED.

    Genuine reason for sale.

    Offers over £10.00

    MUST BE COLLECTED BY SATURDAY 27TH FEB. (I lose my storage).
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