1. T

    1980's Falcon road bike 21" New tyres, inner tubes, brake cables

    Vintage Falcon road bike 21"- New tyres, inner tubes, brake cables Brand New tyres and inner tubes Brand New brake cables and housing Serviced gears Excellent saddle with no rips Age related rust marks on frame Collection from Stockport or possible local delivery Looking for around £125
  2. C

    Vintage Falcon.

    Now been stripped, cleaned, all bearings etc checked. Just waiting for brake blocks and then back on the road.
  3. Illaveago

    Falcon Professional Frame .

    It seems the most likely outcome . The frame had Rotrax transfers on it and that is what I assumed it was , but after posting on another thread the conclusion now seems to be a Falcon Professional. Whilst trying to Identify the frame I set about trying to remove some of the paint using...
  4. W

    Falcon Westminster

    Hi all, Picked this up over the weekend, it's in amazing nick and can't have been ridden much. One of the better Falcon offerings I guess, my Dad had the same model for years. 531 frame, half-chome forks, Shimano Altus groupset. Original Rigida wheels with Michelin World Tour tyres, and cool...
  5. John Mac

    1961 Falcon Olympic/Super Route or Club Special ?

    Hi, I wonder if anyone could shed light on the model of Falcon I acquired some years ago. The owner I purchased it from recalls he bought it around 1961, it was then, he thought 1 year old. He felt sure it was an Olympic but without any decals on the top tube, it’s hard to be certain. It’s odd...
  6. Illaveago

    1960's Falcon Club Special

    This old Falcon frame caught my eye for sale on a well known site. I might have paid quite a bit for it , but as I wanted it and was determined to get it I paid the asking price. What drew my attention to it ? Well it is a Reynolds 531 frame . Plain gauge frame triangle apparently, but as my...
  7. B

    2 stolen bikes, Forme Longcliffe and ladies Falcon (Hawaii I think).

    These 2 bikes were stolen from my shed in Scunthorpe in last couple of days. Forme Longcliffe and ladies Falcon (Hawaii) I think, lilac colour. If anyone spots them advertised or out and about please let me know. Thanks
  8. Paulus

    I'm quite interested in this Falcon.

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/vintage-falcon-racing-road-bike-clements-shimano-cycle-eroica/401793917292 Does this look alright? It's the right size, colour etc. I'm very taken with it.
  9. funk2monk

    Unknown Falcon?

    Recently purchased this frame on Ebay and when I collected it was told it was an old Raleigh. I googled this and it looked like it was a Raleigh Triathlon. Features which made me think of this are twin water bottle mounts, 531 tubing and cable mounts on top tube. However now its home and i can...
  10. PHL67

    Falcon 531 nearly finished

  11. PHL67

    Falcon 531

    Spent Sunday afternoon playing with my Falcon. Bit more done now.
  12. PHL67

    Falcon 531 single speed

    Update for my Falcon. This is so light. Put in some bars and wheels to get a perspective. Wheels will change but I think I will keep the bars.
  13. biggs682

    Falcon Explorer 12

    Just picked up this Falcon Explorer 12 from our local auction house for principal sum of £10 plus charges so £12 in total . Looks very lightly used and in a dusty but clean condition so should clean up ok . Rear hub looks to have a 91 date code . Made with Reynolds 500 tubing so better than...
  14. O

    Show us your Falcon

    I have a soft spot for old Falcon bIkes, having owned a couple in the past. If you have a picture of your Falcon you would like to share please post here.
  15. PHL67

    Nice old Falcon

    This is a nice old Falcon I recently purchased with about 3" of dust on it. Wiped it down and this was underneath. Once it has been repainted and new transfers I am going to 5 speed it. Should look nice.
  16. Alan O

    Fixed wheel Falcon

    I promised myself that if I completed the Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool 100 I'd reward myself with a fixed wheel build. And being an optimist I picked up this Falcon Cotswold frame a few months ago... It's in pretty nice condition and cost £40, which seems reasonable. I think the "Elswick...
  17. jefmcg

    Strava art: Millenium Falcon

    https://www.strava.com/activities/970076678 An advantage - I guess - of living in an architect designed city.
  18. Mugshot

    The Millennium Falcon

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-west-wales-38031540 As in the report above the Millennium Falcon was built in Pembroke Dock, not a million miles from where I live now, before being transported to the film studio. What it doesn't tell you in the report is that the contract for moving it...
  19. Alan Frame

    Highlander Pro-Force Falcon Bivi Tent

    A one person hooped bivi with mozzie and midge proofing. Opened, but unused and in as-new condition. Comes with 6 alloy pegs, 2 alloy poles and a waterproof rain cap to cover the upper ventilation, should rain approach. Ideal if you want to travel light in Scotland, but want to escape the...
  20. ozboz

    Falcon for sale

    Seller is asking £90 , but may come down , its in West London, anyone interested and ill get them a phone number
  21. U

    Falcon Mirage frame -age and BB TPI?

  22. U

    SOLD 1980s Falcon

    FOR SALE Up for reluctant, but necessary sale here, is my old faithful Falcon touring bike. I've owned this bike for many years, & cycled many miles. I bought it from a family friend. He'd only ridden it 10 miles, then put it in garage till I bought it!!. The frame size is 23 inch, wheels are...
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