Nice old Falcon


Good find :smile:. Looks a bit black diamond ish like this one, look at the lug design and seat stays.

Falcon used this frame on a number of models though, just like Carlton used the same frame for a range of builds.

As an aside the Black Diamond came in a range of frame designs / colours and over the years the chrome came and went.


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Nice derailleur and shifters, they will look good on the bike. Are you going to paint it the original green?


Yes. Looking to find original Decals/ replacements at moment.
H LLoyd (as was) do several Falcon decals..
You could take several photos of the label. Do you have a printer or are you any good other computers ?

If you printed off a couple of enlarged copies of the label you could then cut them out and reassemble just like a jigsaw puzzle and glue them on to another piece of paper.
You may be able to get some idea of the shop's name and address from what you assemble. Any missing gaps could be filled in with a similar coloured felt tip pen. Once you are satisfied that the label is complete and correct you could scan the completed copy into a computer for making a copy.
You can buy transfer paper for printing transfers online which come with instructions.
The image would have to be scaled back down to the original size for copying.
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