Falcon Mirage frame -age and BB TPI?

Discussion in 'Vintage and Classic Bikes' started by User, 15 Mar 2016.

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  2. [QUOTE 4196433, member: 45"]I picked this up this morning, with a view to building a SS. Is anyone able to identify it enough to be able to confirm what TPI the BB is? @biggs682?

    I'll be needing to discover the headset and seatpost sizes, and axle spacings, but I have a ruler. Not sure yet whether to replicate the original colour and transfers or to just rub it down and spray it with enamel.


    $_57.JPG [/QUOTE]

    Have you got an old BB cup that you try? It might give you some idea.
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  3. midlife

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    If it's a Falcon then its a standard 68mm UK BB shell at 24 tpi and a 1" English headset. Seat post could be anything but 26.8 rings a bell.

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  4. Hacienda71

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    What is the tubing? you can normally tell the seatpost diameter from the type of tubing used.
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  5. biggs682

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    @User sounds like you have your answers, looks a good project
  6. Good luck with your build @User ,it has just reminded me that there is a Falcon Black Diamond in my Mother's attic.
    Screaming to be put back together and restored.It was my brothers bike and has not saw the light of day for 26 years.
    It's an awful colour,a kind of cerise colour,but that can be rectified easy.
    I will take pictures of it shortly and post them in here if you don't mind ?
    I was wanting to go more "vintage" TBH,a Holdsworth being in my thoughts for a while.
    But I might just follow your lead and get cracking on the Falcon.It's a 1984 btw,and very similar in style to yours.
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  7. uphillstruggler

    uphillstruggler Veteran

    Half way there
    Hello OTC.

    get some pictures up before you do anything, I did something similar with the dawes frame in the profile picture but wish I hadn't now as I cant get anywhere near the original colour.

    @User what did you use to strip yours down - I used a tool that fitted into a drill chuck but am thinking that I might have another go with a different technique.
  8. uphillstruggler

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    [QUOTE 4215199, member: 45"]I used a variety of measures. A standard Bosch sander got most of the clear bits off. A multi-tool with a smaller sanding head did some more. Then it was a case of a Dremel with a sanding bit in (was a bit fierce though). And I bought a box of cheap Dremel brass brush heads. Went through them in no time and fired brass wire everywhere (including my forehead). Finished off the difficult areas with Nitromors.

    It was a pig of a job. Next time I might just get it shot blasted.[/QUOTE]

    this sounds like my last attempt at a frame - took blooming ages too.

    I, like you will probably get it sand blasted to save time and effort.

    cheers for taking the time to get back to me.
  9. midlife

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    [QUOTE 4214934, member: 45"]Decals ordered. Primer...

    IMAG1740_zpsrvqppaji.jpg [/QUOTE]

    Is that frame somehow levitating :smile:

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  10. midlife

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    [QUOTE 4216795, member: 45"]Blue again...

    IMAG1744_zpsr20oavdn.jpg [/QUOTE]

    Reminds me of Carlton Lagoon Blue :biggrin:

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  11. Daddybus

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    Stoke on Trent
    Great looking colour... ! Did u diy- What did you use?
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  12. Going down this weekend,so I will take pictures as it stands.
    I wont post in here though,as I'm not going to hijack @User thread.
    I'll start another :thumbsup:
    @User .Really good job on that.
    Similar,but better than the last :becool:
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  13. mikeymustard

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    Was that the 80s Pro Am colour?
  14. midlife

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    Lagoon Blue was a 60's-70's colour and looked sooooooo good with white and chrome :smile: Last bike it came on was the Kermesse / Equipe I think .


    Carlton pro from the 70's


    Pro-Am colour was "Team Silver Luster" if memory serves....

  15. mikeymustard

    mikeymustard Veteran

    Verry nice!
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