SOLD: Charge Ladle Ladies Saddle (s)


We have two of these that are no longer required. Selling together, one is in very good condition and one has a slight scuff on the rear underside (top is ok) The specification is as follows: Remember the price is for both, estimate postage will be £3:10 Royal Mail second class.

Charge Ladle Ladies Saddle
Durable and light female specific saddle, 5mm wider and 20mm shorter than the Spoon, dual compound base unit. Synthetic leather cover with embossed logo, cro-mo steel rails, lightweight padding and pressure relief channel -
Cro-mo Rail
Dimensions: Length 245mm, Width 155mm

Looking for £25 plus the £3.10 post - that's for the pair.


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And were someone just to want one?
Thanks an effing bunch.
he replied to you, telling you to make an offer, someone else beat you to it and deal was done?
Weds 17th I posted. Sluggard posts 5 days later without pinging, pming or 'replying' to me - which would have flagged up a notification to indicate his thread was live and they hadn't been sold elsewhere or here a couple of weeks ago, which is often the case. Observe the little red 1 alerting you to my reply to you. He then flogs them to someone else within half a day without waiting to hear a squeak from me. In fact, what you call his replying to me might just as easily be interpreted as ignoring my query (Will you split?) utterly.
Someone else beat me to it, you say? Yeah that's right, by minus five days.


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gosh and arn't you uppity,

Does it matter when he/she replied really, they still did, there was no reason to quote you, the reply must have been to you as you had been the only person who wrote on it at the time. Turning notifications for the thread on if it was that important, then you would have seen he replied to the thread then.

Maybe he/she was busy or away or working who knows why it took a few day to reply.

Anyway whatever,
have fun cycling and chill out :smile:
the reply must have been to you as you had been the only person who wrote on it at the time.
Cobblers, I'm one person, not folks: reads more like a generic bump and ignores my question - as to whether he'd split - altogether. The woman tempted to give cycling a shot for whom I'm seeking a saddle has borrowed only the one bike and has only the one arse (more's the pity).
Anyway whatever,
have fun cycling and chill out :smile:
No. I've made other plans.
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