1. wafter

    Charge Spoon saddles...

    I'm considering changing the saddle on my Boardman as its less-than-stellar rep has been bourne out by my own experiences.. I've never found it particularly comfortable and recently discovered it's sitting low on one side; "coincidentally" the same side I get a regular arse-sore after a good bit...
  2. Ridgeway

    Bosch battery power drop off as charge reduces ?

    Does anybody know if a decent battery and drive system (Bosch Active Line in our case) with a standard 400w battery would reduce it's pulling power as the battery charge reduces ? I assumed that the amount of assistance it provided would be pretty much equal throughout its charge. My wife who...
  3. Milzy

    Fitbit charge 2

    Unwanted gift, boxed. £38 in P&P
  4. G3CWI

    Orbea Gain Charge Connector

    If you are looking for one, this is what you need: No idea where you would buy them though.
  5. Dave7

    When Kids are In Charge !!!

    There is a documentary on tv this week called Kids In Charge. This is not staged, its genuine. Normal (looking) parents with 3 kids. The eldest is a lad aged 8. Thier thinking is that kids should be allowed to make all decisions re thier lives. They dont go to school. They decide if and when...
  6. Racing Snake

    Charge Grinduro Gravel bike

  7. Dave7

    Wimbledon.......the price they charge for strawberries and cream!!

    Right. NO CHEATING. If you KNOW then please DO NOT answer. How much do they charge for a single portion of 10 strawberries with cream? I know and will award a prize** for the nearest guess. **still negotiating the prize. It may be a pair of used, cast off bloomers donated by @welsh dragon.
  8. smokeysmoo

    [SOLD] Fitbit Charge 2 (small)

    Miss Smoo has treated herself to the new Charge 3, so this is now up for sale. Bought brand new, the only issue she had was with the strap, but Fitbit replaced it and it's not been used since. Note, the straps are the small size ones, So it come fully boxed with charger cradle, brand new back...
  9. Nibor

    Charge Cooker Steel 29er mountain bike frameset large £50 ovno

    Charge Cooker 4 steel 29er frame constructed from Tange Infinity Steel a lively frame to ride takes a 120mm travel 1 1/8th fork. No dings never ridden in anger marks on paint as used. Collection preferred as quite large can meet up within reason located in sunny Accrington.
  10. L

    Charge Plug 2012 Forks

    Need a new pair of threaded Charge Plug 2012 forks.On overhaul (after the bottom bracket incident) found I could not get these off and the guy in the bike shop couldn't either,so he cut them off eventually.Not sure where I want to go with this.The biggest problem is finding compatible forks.My...
  11. Polite

    **Sold** FitBit Charge 2

    Used but great condition. It's an amazing little thing, tracks everything you do and nudges you to do even more. It’s even got GPS (**edit: GPS tracking but you need your SmartPhone for this**) so it will record your rides or walks. It tells you how much/well you're sleeping as well. Battery...
  12. kiwifruit

    Norco Charge 7.2 2017

    What do people think about this bike? as I always had road bikes. Seen this second hand for £500, and the deal was made for £425 picking it up later. Thanks
  13. 3narf

    Charge plug bars and stem

    Bars are 44cm x 25.4mm Stem is 110mm x 25.4mm with something like a 3 or 5 deg. rise, 1 1/8" steerer clamp. Both have had very little use; the bike had done probably less than 100 miles and I swapped bars and stem straight away. Bars £15 delivered, stem £12 delivered, or you can have both for...
  14. Brandane

    Call charge for 101, Police non-emergency.

    I've just found out that if you call the Police non-emergency number from a mobile, you will be charged 15 pence for the privilege. Now I know that 15p isn't really going to bankrupt many of us, but it's the principle of the matter. Up here, if you want to contact the Police, you have no choice...
  15. djb1971

    SOLDCharge cooker maxi 2 fat bike

    Size small. I'm 5ft8in and its set up on the pic for me. Tange 'Champion No.2 steel frame charge stickers removed no dents etc. Hope bottom bracket hope headset hope spacers hope seat clamp race face fat bike chainset with direct mount chainring slx brakes thomson stem thomson seat post brooks...
  16. roadrash

    charge spoon £15.00 posted

    charge spoon saddle been fitted and used for approx. 50 mile,no rips , marks or scuffs,just light marks on rails, ive re-attatched it to the original packaging card. PRICE £15.00 POSTED. NO OFFERS , PROCEEDS TO GO TO..
  17. tomplodder

    Which charge saddle is for me

    Hi Which is the best charge saddle for road bike rides over 60 miles plus, I've measured my sit bones and approx 110mm ( I believe I have to add 30mm ) I ve read good reviews on the charge saddles, but not sure which one to buy, spoon, scoop or knife, thank you for any advice
  18. Julia9054

    For sale Charge Grater 2 2016 hybrid

    Charge Grater 2 2016 hybrid bike. Purchased new October 2015 for £599. Size small to suit rider 5'2 - 5'6. Lightly used - probably ridden less than 150 miles in total. Extras: rear rack, Cateye rear light, bottle cage, Selle Italia Gel Flow saddle, M part flat pedals which can be swapped for...
  19. Rooster1

    Solar charge bike

    I spotted this guy in Henley this morning, the solar array caught my eye. I was in a rush but sounds like he's on a tour and arrived in the UK a few days ago. The Solar panels charge his gadgets and his bike (gives him a 15 mile charge apparently) He was collecting money to keep his ride...
  20. RBT84

    2015 Giant Defy 3 & 2016 Charge Plug 1

    2015 Giant Defy 3 (M) In good working order with some scratches etc £250 2016 Charge Plug 1 (M) In good working order only ridden a handful of times £250 Collection only from Tamworth B78 area.
  21. D

    Charge cooker bottom bracket

    after my first hard winter on the bike a charge cooker 1 2016 , the Btm bracket needs replacing, has anyone any recommendations which will allow me to use the existing cranks( fsa comet mega tooth) And the rear hub looks like to needs replacing as the cassette has play in it ( is a generic loose...
  22. guitarpete247

    Mouldy white Charge Spoon.

    Our garage is a bit damp so when I went to get bike out I found my White Charge Spoon was speckled with lots of black mouldy speckles. I tried scrubbing with old toothbrush and Ariel wash liquid. This lightened to spots but now has a grey overall speckling. I know it is only cosmetic but is...
  23. De Sisti

    Charge Spoon Saddle (Stealth Reflect Ltd Edition Black)

    Charge Spoon Stealth Reflect Ltd Edition Black (The one without the visible orange stitching). Purchased last month (ridden on three times). Didn't get on with it. £17 paypal gift (inc postage)
  24. biggs682

    2013 Charge Plug 54cm SOLD

    Having ridden this 2013 Charge Plug for 10 miles and being honest with myself its a bit small at 54cm for me so offering it for sale . As far as i can tell its a 2013 year model and is in std spec and hasnt done an awful lot of miles at all looking at the chain and other components . See...
  25. biggs682

    2013 Charge Plug

    Been looking for one of these for a while now to use as a donor bike so I can complete my Woodrup. So when this one was offered I said yes and finally picked it up last night. The seller said it hadn't seen a lot of use and I think he was correct.
  26. Alan Frame

    Unused Charge Spoon saddle *****SOLD***

    Fawn Charge Spoon saddle for sale, never fitted or used and still on manufacturer's card. Will sell for £12, including postage.
  27. fixedfixer

    Charge Cooker Maxi Fat Bike (Now SOLD)

    Have decided to sell the Fat Bike as I'm not using it much. Size medium, FSA / SRAM Cranks and gears 20 speed 2x10 system. Pro Max Discs, Maxxis Mammouth 26 x 4.00 tyres. Everything works fine. A few minor scuffs on paint. £375 (price drop)
  28. Spiderweb

    Cheap power bank to Charge Garmins/Phones

    99p each including delivery lipstick size mobile power banks, bargain...
  29. Dirk

    SOLD * Charge Spoon saddle * SOLD

    Charge Spoon saddle. Excellent condition. £12 posted.
  30. P

    2010 Charge Duster ss mtb

    sold please delete
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