1. jay clock

    Charge Spoon versus Brooks B17: Fight Time

    So the two saddles that seem to get the most fanatical praise on here are the Charge Spoon and the Brooks B17. I currently have the Spoon on two road bikes plus a couple of spares. And a superb choice for me for long rides (up to 112 miles). On my tourer (Koga Miyata WT) I have a Brooks which...
  2. Nibor

    Charge Cooker Steel 29er frame price drop £100

    I am selling my Charge Cooker Tange Prestige 29er frame it is undecalled and in very good used condition and includes the seat clamp £120. Also for sale are a pair of steel Surly Krampus forks which are 483mm axle to crown so they work well with this frame which accepts 120mm suspension forks...
  3. DooDah

    Ritchey flat handlebars and charge grips

    As above, never opened, both in white. Bought for a project that never happened. £15 posted for the two. Thanks.
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