Sony Vaio Cracked Screen


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My lad has a Sony Vaio on which the screen has "cracked." There is no visible sign of a crack but there is a curved line running under the "glass" from a mid point between the centre of the upper edge and the top right corner down to the bottom left corner. The screen is now multi-coloured in the right half and has a few coloured lines running down the left handside. As a laptop it is currently unusable but works fine if plugged into a monitor. The machine is still in warranty but after long discussions in Comet the manager claims this is physical damage caused by applying pressure to the screen when closing it. His view is my lad uses his fingers to pull the lid down while his thumb rests on the screen and this creates a twist in the screen which has "cracked" underneath, to be fair one can make out a dark splodge under the screen.

I appreciate what he is saying though I feel a screen should be more robust than this. Sony want £50-75 to look at the issue and Comet advise the outcome will be Sony will simply want money for a repair. Comet suggest the new screen will be around £320. Considering the machine was £480 this seems an awful lot.

I'd be interested in people's thoughts on this re screen cracking. Is it common? Are Comet making a reasonable point? I think I may have noticed my son doing this but can't be sure. Can I look to get a new screen fitted for less money? Or is, as I suspect, the only answer to put a monitor on it?


Take it to a local computer shop see what price they quote for a screen, that all I can think of for it, may be that its an expensive screen to buy after market. Can normally get all these things from honk kong cheap though.


You can generally source a screen cheap on eBay or via a host of on line parts suppliers, swapping the screen out is a 10 min job with a small cross head screw driver and a flat head to help lift the plastics (casing around the screen).
It is a pain when a screen goes, but it happens from time to time. If we all didn't mind a bit more weight and size then laptops would doubtless be made more rigid and of stronger materials to prevent flex.
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