Specialized Allez E5 2020, OR, Triban RC520? Which one to go for?


Triban. And it's not even close.

So much better value for money.


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Certainly the Decathlon bike’s a lot of bike for the money, so if it’s an out the box just ride it’s the one. I think I’d still go for the Allez as a purer road bike as the Triban is skirting onto gravel bike territory with it’s clearances, but that’s just me as a road snob. I have friends who ride Allez (plural?) and they certainly take to upgrades in the future nicely whereas the Triban, is what it is and to upgrade later would be total groupset territory (expensive) just to get to hydraulic discs.
Lastly have you a choice? Bike stocks are exceedingly low at present with some not available until 2021!


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What if it were the Triban 500 instead of 520? It has the sora groupset but is also cheaper (£379 I believe)
The Triban would be my choice, by a long way. Their RC520 - about £750 for Shimano 105 plus disc brakes - is the sweet spot for value IMO.

The RC500 is about £500 for Sora + disc. The RC120 is £430 for Microshift + disc. The RC120 Is also good value for money IMO - I use the rim braked version as a runaround, and find it trouble-free and easy to maintain. I prefer the Microshift system to the cheaper Shimanos.


My head says Triban but heart says Allez. I had an old Allez for years (I paid a tenner for it with a stuck seat post!) I just have a soft spot for them.



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The best one is the “available now”. :whistle:


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Triban is the best value by a country mile, that Allez is overpriced & will cost a fortune to upgrade to 105, as long as it's in stock


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Allez every time, it's a classic. Buy a Triban and you'll be needing a new set of wheels within a few months.


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Having the same dilemma - Tempted by the Triban 500 myself. Do like the look of the Allez although it may be based on stock availability, so keeping an eye on a few others.
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