Specialized parts list,?


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I'm trying to find a bearing part number for the lower head bearing on a specialized crux, but no luck so far. I can find the whole headset with all the spacers, but just need the bottom bearing.

Does anyone have know where there is a parts list or anything on line ( nearest lbs is 5 miles away and doesn't stock specialized parts)


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Email Specialized uk with model and year and ask the question.
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This may be too late, but there should be a manufacturers part number on the bearings if thet are cartridge bearings. They will not be made by Specialized. Of course, if these bearings have been in for a while and been exposed to the usual conditions experienced by headset bearings then the numbers may be illegible due to corrosion. If you can read the numbers the google it to find a suitable replacement.
Number may be something like TH-970 or MR168 etc or can even be size and angle figures....


I have got into the habit of disassembling new bikes and making a note of the bearing specs whilst it is all new, clean and easily visible.
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